How do u say awww in French?

How do u say awww in French?

Translation of “Aww” in French. Aww, of course you are. Aww… mais oui tu l’es.

What is another word for adorable?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for adorable, like: lovable, delightful, irresistible, cuddlesome, cute, appealing, charming, endearing, precious, divine and lovely.

What is another word for cute adorable?


  • adorable.
  • beautiful.
  • charming.
  • dainty.
  • delightful.
  • pleasant.
  • pretty.

Is Adorable another word for Cute?

Adorable Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for adorable?

cute darling
delightful fetching
pleasing appealing
endearing beautiful
bewitching enchanting

Is Adorable a compliment?

The word has childish/feminine connotations which some guys take badly. If they want to be bothered by a simple word that’s their problem. I am a dog; therefore, adorable is a complement. People have started to use it in place of, “bless your heart.”

What’s it mean if a girl calls you adorable?

A girl calling you adorable, by itself, it wouldn’t mean much other than that she was complimenting you as a friend. If she also shows other signs of attraction around you then it would be more likely that she called you adorable due to being attracted to you.

How do you reply to a girl calls you cute?

Originally Answered: How do I respond if a girl calls me cute? Thank her and smile! If you want to be cocky, tell her something like,”Not as cute as you.” Or give her a wink and say nothing.

Do guys like when you call them adorable?

“Adorable” sorta has a diminutive connotation to it, its a term you mostly use for children and sometimes sarcastically. Adorable is something usually associated with babies, kittens, and puppies. Not manly or masculine. Hence most guys aren’t into it.

Is it weird for a girl to call a guy adorable?

Yes of course it does. It can be because she is very fond of you in a platonic way, or it may even mean she is interested in you in a relationship kind of way. It’s up to you to figure out which way. Can a girl think a guy is cute and adorable whilst still being madly in love with him?

Should I call a girl cute or beautiful?

You should start by saying beautiful. In my opinion, if you just met her, you want to make the best impression. As you two get to know each other then revert to gorgeous. Because you want to sound like you respect her and be in good boundaries, but at the same time compliment her.