How do you compliment a girl in German?

How do you compliment a girl in German?

Top 10 German Compliments

  1. ‘Du siehst heute toll aus’ is a unisex statement that means you look fantastic today.
  2. ‘Du bist sehr schön’ means you’re so beautiful.
  3. ‘Du siehst umwerfend aus!
  4. ‘Gelb steht dir’ means ‘yellow just suits you well.
  5. ‘Deine Frisur gefällt mir’ means ‘I just love your hairstyle.

How do you compliment someone in German?

Compliments Never Hurt: 16 German Phrases That Flatter

  1. Du siehst heute toll aus. (You look great today.)
  2. Du bist sehr schön. (You are very beautiful.)
  3. Du siehst umwerfend aus! (You look stunning!)
  4. Gelb steht dir. (Yellow suits you.)
  5. Deine Frisur gefällt mir. (I like your hairstyle.)
  6. Das ist eines der Dinge, die ich an dir mag.
  7. Ich liebe dein Lächeln.
  8. Ich mag deine Schuhe.

Which country is the cheapest to live in Europe?


What is the best European country to stay or settle?

Best Country To Work and Settle In Europe

  • Switzerland- For me Swiss comes out as the best place in Europe to work and live.
  • Germany- Living in Germany is as good as in Switzerland depending on your situation.
  • United Kingdom-
  • Netherlands.
  • Sweden.

Which European country is the best to live and work?

Best European Countries to Work and Study in 2021 If You’re from the U.S….2. Countries where English is widely spoken

  • Ireland (over 97% English speakers)
  • The UK (over 94% English speakers)
  • Malta (over 62% English speakers)
  • Sweden (over 53% English speakers)
  • Denmark (over 52% English speakers)

Which European country is good for immigration?

Portugal jumped from 28th to 5th place in a list of the best countries in the world for immigrants. Located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is also in the best position on the rank in comparison to the other European countries.

Where is the safest place in Europe?

Safest destinations to travel in Europe

  • Brasov. Romania.
  • Warsaw. Poland.
  • Tallinn. Estonia.
  • Malaga. Spain.
  • Edinburgh. Scotland.
  • Coimbra. Portugal.
  • Corfu. Greece. Corfu is a magnificent Greek island, both sunny and green but also one of the safest destinations in Europe.
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What is the most dangerous city in Europe?

Kaunas is the deadliest city in Europe with a significantly higher murder rate of 5.4 per 100,000 as of 2017.

What countries should you not visit?

As of April 2019, the countries with Level 4 advisories are:

  • Afghanistan.
  • Central African Republic (CAR)
  • China.
  • Haiti.
  • Iran.
  • Iraq.
  • Italy.
  • Libya.

What is the most dangerous country in 2020?

The world’s most dangerous countries for 2020 have been revealed in a new interactive map. Libya, Somalia, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, all in Africa, are the riskiest countries, according to the Travel Risk Map.

What is the safest country for tourists?

The Safest Countries in the World

  • 8: Singapore.
  • 7: Czech Republic.
  • 6: Canada.
  • 5: Denmark.
  • 4: Portugal.
  • 3: Austria.
  • 2: New Zealand.
  • 1: Iceland. Since 2008, this tiny island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean has been named the most peaceful country in the world.

Why is Jamaica so dangerous?

Jamaica also has a bad reputation when it comes to crime, however. There are gangs trafficking drugs across the country, and – especially in certain parts of its cities – violence and gun crime are rife. Tourists aren’t exempt: petty theft and robberies aren’t rare.