How do you elope in Hawaii?

How do you elope in Hawaii?

Here’s what you need to elope in Hawaii:

  1. A marriage license – You apply online and pick up your license together (bring a government-issued ID). No witnesses required. No blood tests required.
  2. A registered marriage performer (officiant, pastor, celebrant, etc.) to perform your ceremony and file the license.

How do you legally get married in Hawaii?

To be legally married in Hawaii, you’ll need to apply for a marriage license and your officiant will have to register with the State of Hawaii, both of which come with fees. Hiring a local officiant is easier and more authentic than bringing your own.

Can you get married in Hawaii without being a resident?

You do not need to be a resident of Hawaii or a U.S. citizen to marry. No blood tests are needed. Both applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants must present proof of age—Usually a state-issued I.D. or driver’s license.

What is a traditional Hawaiian wedding?

In a traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony, the local minister, often called a kahuna pule or kahu (Hawaiian holy man), would bind the couple’s hands together with a maile lei (more on that later). Brides often wear several strands of pink and white pikake, which can be entwined with orchids or rosebuds.

How much is a small wedding in Hawaii?

We estimate around $4,500-$7,000 for your wedding package, flight, and hotel, but of course how much you spend is up to you. You can pay a venue fee, or you can pay for a beach permit and save a ton! All of our Hawaii wedding packages are designed with small weddings in mind, so you’ll have no problem planning!

Where is the cheapest place to get married in Hawaii?


What is the best month to get married in Hawaii?

Hawaii is beautiful year-round, so whenever is convenient for you is the best time to come. Temperatures tend to stay between 70-80 degrees, and while the winter months (November-February) see slightly more rain, most beach wedding locations look the same whether your ceremony is in July or December.

Can you get married on any beach in Hawaii?

A FEW NOTES: – The Hawaii marriage license allows you to get married on any of the Hawaiian islands. – You must be at least 18 years old. If you are 16-17 years old you must obtain written consent from both parents, a legal guardian or from the family court.

How much does it cost to get married in Hawaii on the beach?

The average TOTAL cost of a BEACH Hawaii Destination Wedding comes out to $10,659, ranging from $8,295 – $23,995 (depending greatly on your reception choice). Average beach Ceremony ($3,200), plus simple beach Reception ($528), plus travel and accommodation ($6,931).

How long do you have to wait to get married in Hawaii?

For any person to lawfully marry in the State of Hawaii, a license for that purpose must be obtained from an authorized agent (Section 572-1.7, Hawaii Revised Statutes). Once the license has been issued, there is no waiting period before the marriage can take place.

How can I get a cheap wedding in Hawaii?

Elope. A romantic ceremony for two is the most budget-conscious wedding option. Many resorts and wedding coordinators have “Just The Two of You” wedding packages that are extremely affordable. Start by checking out the major hotels and resorts for wedding packages, and go from there.

Where can I have a small wedding in Hawaii?

Check out our favorite small and intimate wedding venues in Hawaii.

  • Royal Kona Resort.
  • Male’ana Gardens.
  • Haiku Gardens Weddings.
  • Mahinui Na Lani.
  • Lahaina Loft.
  • Haiku Mill.
  • Hale Lokahi.
  • Montage Kapalua Bay.

How much would a wedding cost in Hawaii?

The average cost for a Hawaii wedding in 2019 was $32,900 ($1,000 less than the national average of $33,900). On average, couples spent $26,800 on their ceremony and venue last year, making it the 17th most expensive place to get married.

Where is the best place to get married in Hawaii?

Best places to get married in Hawaii

  • Puakea Ranch Big Island.
  • Kona Beach Bungalows Big Island.
  • Kukahiko Estate Maui.
  • Olowalu Plantation House Maui.
  • Haiku Mill Maui.
  • The Dillingham Ranch Oahu.
  • Haiku Gardens Oahu.
  • Waimea Valley Oahu. Also on the North Shore is Waimea Valley.

Do you need a witness to get married in Hawaii?

A marriage in Hawaii is legally recognized all over the globe*, and the only thing a happy couple needs is a marriage license. A witness is not required, so eloping in Hawaii couldn’t be easier!

What do you wear to a wedding in Hawaii?

Brides usually go for more casual wedding gowns or just pretty white/off-white dresses. For the groom, slacks and a collared button-down works well. Even adding a bow tie, vest, or suspenders for a bit more formality without a jacket.

How much does a wedding planner cost in Hawaii?

The Knot’s Estimated Costs for a Hawaii Destination Wedding: Event Planner: $2,785. Photographer: $2,604.

How much should a wedding guest cost?

The average cost of a wedding, by state

State Cost per guest 2020 average cost
California $395 $26,049
Colorado $315 $20,771
Connecticut $447 $29,499
District of Columbia $424 $27,965

How much does it cost to elope in Hawaii?

The elopement cost in Hawaii is relatively cheap as well, costing (as of the time of this article) $65; a $60 application fee plus a $5 administration fee. For full info, check out the state department for official instructions and laws before you begin the elopement process.

How much does a wedding at Haiku mill cost?

Gaelan via, for example, showcased a variety of pictures of a wedding held here, with the cost of the wedding being $6,000 for the ceremony only with no guests….How much does a wedding cost at the Haiku Mill?

Full Day Site Fee Only
Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday ONLY $3,600 for up to 80 guests

How much is a wedding at Saddlerock Ranch?

Average Base Cost: $27,000 Our average base cost for a Saddlerock Ranch wedding is calculated by figuring a 100-person guest list using the Vineyard Setting and a food/beverage cost of $150/pp.

How much is a wedding at calamigos Ranch?

Average Base Cost: $30,000 Average base cost for a Calamigos Ranch wedding is calculated by figuring a 125-person guest list on a Saturday night using their standard food package with an upgrade to a 5-hour full bar and passed hors d’oeuvres.

How much is a wedding at Bel Air Bay Club?

Average Base Cost: $51,000 Our average base cost for a Bel-Air Bay Club wedding is calculated by figuring a 150-person guest list on a Saturday evening in their standard season with a Food & Beverage Minimum of $35,000.

What is the most expensive wedding venue?

5 Of The Most Expensive Wedding Venues In The World

  • #5 Musha Cay.
  • #4 Blackberry Farm.
  • #3 Umaid Bhawan Palace.
  • #1 Belmond Hotel Caruso.

How much is a wedding at Descanso Gardens?

Average Base Cost: $23,000 Average base cost for a Descanso Gardens wedding is calculated by figuring a 110-person guest list on a Saturday night using catering costs for food/beverage of $150/pp using the Boddy House Lawn + Terrace ceremony and reception venues.

How much is a wedding at Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel?


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