How do you get Tapjoy offers in Growtopia?

How do you get Tapjoy offers in Growtopia?

Tapjoy can be found in game in the “Earn Free Gems” tab in the shop, next to the Buy Gems tab. Rewards vary.

Does Growtopia still have tapjoy?

TAPJOY has been removed.

What gives the most gems in Growtopia?

During Player Appreciation Week 2019, changes were made to IAPs to give more Gems. Bag ‘O Gems now gives 14,000 Gems (formerly 9,000), Chest ‘O Gems now gives 30,000 Gems (formerly 20,000), Gem Fountain now gives 90,000 Gems (formerly 140,000), It’s Rainin’ Gems now gives 200,000 Gems (formerly 140,000).

How do you get free supporters in Growtopia?

One can become a Supporter if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. The player has earned 7,000 Gems through Tapjoy offers.
  2. The player has made at least 1 In-App Purchase.

How do you get free gems on tapjoy?

A Quick Guide to Getting Free Gems from Tapjoy

  1. WEB GAMES- games that are played in your web browser with no app downloads required.

How often does tapjoy get new offers?

TapJoy also occasionally runs 2x rewards offers, where you can get double the amount of premium currency for completing offers. Definitely look out for those weekends or holiday specials!

How do you become a super supporter?

As soon as you add up to 7,000 gems of TapJoy you will gain Supporter status automatically. Super Supporter is the next level and is everyone who spent over 25 USD in the Growtopia in-game store or the equivalent in free TapJoy offers.

What does BFG mean in Growtopia?

Players often create a so-called “BFG” (which stands for “break for gems”) using this item, where players give other players access to the MAGPLANT 5000 so that they can take and break blocks in the world while the seeds are collected in another MAGPLANT 5000, leaving the player with gems.

What is the easiest way to get gems in Growtopia?

Here’s a way to get gems fast

  1. Plant tons of dirt seeds then plant them an recycle the dirt.
  2. Use tapjoy it can give you up to 500 gems for downloading a free app!
  3. Get the recycling tool, my recycling 200 dirt you can get up to 17 gems!
  4. Buy gems, this is the fastest way to get gems, but the offers are GREAT!

How do you get a big name Growtopia?

Super Supporters, by default, have a slightly larger name display, which can be toggled by using the command /hidestatus. Additionally, when a player has their Wrench selected, the wrench beside a Super Supporter’s name is also slightly enlarged.

How do you become a super supporter in Growtopia?

* Super Supporter – If you’ve bought $25 worth of Gems (or the equivalent in free Tapjoy offers), you are now a Super Supporter! You get new skin colors, special name display, and the /warp command to jump to worlds at the tap of your keys.

Where can I find Tapjoy in Growtopia?

Tapjoy is a platform that uses ads to generate virtual rewards for users, such as gems in Growtopia. Tapjoy can be found in game in the “Earn Free Gems” tab in the shop, next to the Buy Gems tab. Rewards vary.

Where do you get the gems in Growtopia?

Gems serve as the sole official currency in Growtopia. They can be obtained through in-app purchases, completing Tapjoy offers or through common aspects of gameplay, such as breaking blocks and harvesting trees. Gems are spent on Broadcasts and on items that are available in the Growtopia Store, such as World Locks and item packs.

How to become a Super supporter of Growtopia?

One can become a Super Supporter if he/she meets one of the following criteria: Spend 25 USD worth of Gems by in-app purchases. Earn 25 USD worth (85,000 Gems ) of Gems through Tapjoy offers.

How many gems do you need to get super supporter?

The requirements for Super Supporter was recently changed on an unknown date. The player must earn a total of 600,000 Gems through Tapjoy offers, previously 80,000, or The player must spend a total of 30 USD worth of In-App Purchase, previously 25 USD.