How do you pronounce Kimo in Hawaiian?

How do you pronounce Kimo in Hawaiian?

ki-mo, kim-o ] The baby boy name Kimo is pronounced KAHMOW †. Kimo has its origins in the Hebrew language and it is used largely in Hawaiian.

What does Kimo mean in Samoan?

Kimo (Samoan origin), Kimo is the Samoan version of the English name James, meaning “supplanter”. Keone (Hawaiian origin), meaning “homeland†.

What is the full form of Kimo?

KIMO stands for Kommunernes International Miljøorganisation (Local Authorities International Environmental Organisation) and was founded in Denmark in 1990.

What is Kimo in Swahili?

1 measure; height. 2 front/back piece of a robe. Refresh the page | Add to favorites | Print version.

What is the Hawaiian name for James?


What does liyana mean in Islam?

Softness, Tenderness

What does Kaira mean in Arabic?

Kaira is usually another spelling of the Arabic girl name Khaira, which means “good”, “virtuous”.

Is Kaira Islamic name?

View the Meaning, Gender, Category, Origin & Country of Muslim Girl Name Kaira Meanings are explained in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi & Bangla….Meaning Kaira.

Name Kaira
Meaning Sweet,Peaceful,Pure,Unique
Category/Origin Muslim
Gender Girl
Lucky Number 4

Is Kiara a black name?

Meaning black, Kiara is an Irish name.

Does Kiara meaning God’s precious gift?

Link copied and ready to share! This name has lots of theories behind it, including that it means “bright” in Italian, “god’s precious gift” in Hindi, or “first ray of sun” in Korean.

What does Kiara mean in Hindi?

Kiara is baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Kiara name meanings is Little black one, Dusky, Small, dark.

What does the name Kiera mean biblically?

Famous People and fact Named Kiera. In Ancient Hebrew “Keren” means both “a horn” and “a beam of light”.

What does Kiara mean in Korean?

Chiara is the Italian form of Clara, meaning “bright” or “clear,” while Ciara is the feminine form of male given name Ciar, derived from the old Irish cíar, meaning “dark.” Kiara is also an Australian name derived from an Aboriginal word for the white cockatoo, and has roots as a Korean name meaning “first ray of sun”.

What is the meaning of Kaira in Urdu?

Meaning: ‘Peaceful, Unique’ Urdu / Hindi : ‘ कैरा’

What does Kiera mean in Latin?

Latin : Light. Japanese : Sunlight. Science fiction : Character from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.