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How do you respond to a short answer?

How do you respond to a short answer?

Begin each answer with one or two sentence thesis which summarizes your answer. If possible, phrase the statement so that it rephrases the question’s essential terms into a statement (which therefore directly answers the essay question). 7. Support your thesis with specific references to the material you have studied.

How do you restate a question answer?

Restate the question – use the question stem to write your topic sentence. Answer the question – make sure to answer all parts of the question. If there are two questions, you should answer each question in its own paragraph. Cite evidence from the text.

What does rare stand for in English?

1 : seldom occurring or found : uncommon. 2a : marked by unusual quality, merit, or appeal : distinctive. b : superlative or extreme of its kind. 3 : marked by wide separation of component particles : thin rare air. rare.

What does rare stand for in school?

RARE Rare Hospitality International, Inc. Business » NASDAQ Symbols Rate it:
RARE Refocus, Action, Results, and Exceed Community » Educational Rate it:
RARE Responsible And Respectful Everyday Community » Educational Rate it:
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What are some cool acronyms?

Here is a selection of the most popular and widely used internet abbreviations in 2021:

  • LOL: Laughing out loud.
  • ASAP: As soon as possible.
  • FYI: For your information.
  • G2G: Got to go.
  • FB: Facebook.
  • MSG: Message.
  • TTYL: Talk to you later.
  • IMO: In my opinion.

What is something really rare?

20 Rare And Bizarre Things That Actually Exist On Our Earth

  • 13 Purple Carrots.
  • 14 Stonehenge.
  • 15 Diquis Spheres.
  • 16 Corpse Flower. Photo Via: secretnyc.co.
  • 17 Very Distinct Waterfall. Photo Via: news.nationalgeographic.com.
  • 18 Rainbow Eucalyptus. Photo Via: mybestplace.com.
  • 19 Bismuth Crystals. Photo Via: spiritrockshop.com.
  • 20 White Peacocks. Photo Via: aboutpetlife.com.

How do you describe rare?

Some common synonyms of rare are choice, dainty, delicate, elegant, and exquisite. While all these words mean “having qualities that appeal to a cultivated taste,” rare suggests an uncommon excellence.

What type of word is rare?

adjective, rar·er, rar·est. coming or occurring far apart in time; unusual; uncommon: a rare disease;His visits are rare occasions. thinly distributed over an area; few and widely separated: Lighthouses are rare on that part of the coast.

What is a sentence for rare?

That bird is very rare in this country. 3. She suffers from a rare disease of the brain.

How do you use later in a sentence?

Later sentence example

  1. See you later , then.
  2. A few minutes later he walked down the hallway.
  3. Later , as they walked back to their room, Jonathan looked up at Carmen.
  4. She woke later and looked at the clock.
  5. Later Helen came to my room, looking very sad, and wanted to kiss me.

What is a sentence for rear?

Rear sentence examples. Once again the rear end was on solid ground. The rear end of the car danced sideways, bouncing like a horse kicking up its heels. I can see her in my rear view mirror, just sitting there, plotting a way they can escape.

What does rear mean in English?

1 : the back part of something: such as. a : the unit (as of an army) or area farthest from the enemy. b : the part of something located opposite its front the rear of a house. c : buttocks. 2 : the space or position at the back moved to the rear.

Do you rear a child or raise a child?

More recent editions say that “raise” is common in American English for plants, livestock, and children, but that “rear” is also used of livestock and children. In British English, “rear” is used only for animals, modern Fowler says.

What is the synonym of rear?

rear end, tush, tooshie, keister, back, derriere, fanny, bottom, backside, buttocks, seat, stern, hind end, rump, tail, bum, prat, can, behind, butt, hindquarters, arse, posterior, buns, fundament, nates, back end, tail end, ass. Antonyms: forepart, front, head, front end, front(a) back, rear(noun)

What does rear a child mean?

verb (used with object) to take care of and support up to maturity: to rear a child. to breed and raise (livestock).

What is the meaning of rear side?

1 the back or hind part. 2 the area or position that lies at the back. a garden at the rear of the house. 3 the section of a military force or procession farthest from the front.