How do you return in French?

How do you return in French?

  1. “To return” somewhere in French is more likely to be “revenir” or “rentrer.”
  2. “To return” something in French is going to be “rendre” or “rapporter”.

How do you use retourner in a sentence?


  1. Nous. devons. retourner. à l’ hôtel. avant. la. nuit. . We have to go back to the hotel before dark.
  2. Je. dois. retourner. à l’ hôtel. rapidement. . I have to go back to the hotel quickly.
  3. Nous. voudrions. retourner. à notre. hôtel. . We would like to go back to our hotel.

What is revenir?

Revenir is a flexible verb meaning “to come back,” “to come back home,” “to return” and other related concepts, and it is used in many French idiomatic expressions, such as: Je reviens (tout de suite). >

Is Rester etre or avoir?

The Basic Conjugations of Rester Rester is a regular -er verb, meaning it follows a very common conjugation pattern.

Is Rentre etre or avoir?

You brought the garden furniture inside because of the rain. When rentrer is followed immediately by a noun (as opposed to a preposition), it uses avoir as the auxiliary, like most verbs. It can be very tricky to get the distinction here if you think in terms of what rentrer means in English.

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