How do you say case in French?

How do you say case in French?

French translation of ‘case’

  1. (= situation) cas m. in some cases dans certains cas.
  2. (= example) to be a case in point être un bon exemple.
  3. ( medical) cas m.
  4. [ of detective] affaire f. to be on the case être sur le cas.
  5. ( legal case) affaire f ⧫ procès m.
  6. (= argument)
  7. (= box) boîte f.
  8. (= holder) étui m.

What does nominative mean in French?

The nominative case is used as the subject of a sentence or a clause. Marius, Richard A Short Guide to Writing About History. Sometimes choosing the nominative case sounds so formal as to be absurdly stilted.

Is French nominative accusative?

The nominative case is the sentence’s (or phrase’s) subject —these are the nouns that are doing the action of a verb. The accusative case covers all direct objects—these are nouns that are directly receiving the action of a verb….French Grammatical Cases.

He him his
They them their

What are the grammatical cases in French?

Grammatical Cases in French

  • Nominative Case. Le nominatif. The nominative case, also called the subjective, marks the subject of a phrase.
  • Accusative Case. Le accusatif. The accusative case deals with direct objects.
  • Dative Case. Le datif. The dative case marks indirect objects, which are usually used with a preposition.
  • Disjunctive Case. Le disjonctif.

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