How do you say idiot in different languages?

How do you say idiot in different languages?

In other languages idiot

  • American English: idiot /ˈɪdiət/
  • Arabic: أَبْلَهٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: idiota.
  • Chinese: 白痴
  • Croatian: idiot.
  • Czech: idiot.
  • Danish: idiot.
  • Dutch: idioot.

Whats does idiot mean?

An idiot, in modern use, is a stupid or foolish person. Along with terms like moron, imbecile, and cretin, its use to describe people with mental disabilities is archaic and considered to be offensive.

What is German for dummy?

Translation of dummy in German

English German
the dummy die Attrappe

What is dummkopf in German?

noun. blockhead [noun] (informal) a stupid person.

What are bad words in German?

15 Heated German Words and Phrases to Use When You’re Mad

  • Quatsch! Pronounced like “Kvatch,” this is one of the more commonly used terms when showing your angry side.
  • Schleich dich!
  • Hau ab!
  • Ich bin sauer.
  • Ich bin wütend.
  • Halt deinen Mund.
  • Geh mir aus den Augen!
  • Leck mich!

What does Saumensch mean in German?

“Sau” literally means “swine”. “Mensch” is “person”, and can refer either to a man or a woman. A Sau is the German word for sow, or a female pig. And Mensch is a person. So a Saumensch is simply an unpleasant person.

Is Saumensch a bad word?

Update: As Mirko Klemm pointed out, „Saumensch” is, indeed, a fairly specific, and not very commonly used derogatory term for girls or women in some Swabian dialects. “Saukerl” is an actual (if not hugely popular any more) German swearword, “Saumensch” isn’t.

What is Saumensch and Saukerl German for?

Saumensch is a combination of the German words Sau and Mensch (= pig and human) so it’s some universal term for both woman and man (girl and boy). Saukerl is a bit harder to translate. It is a combination of the words Sau and Kerl (=pig and (male version of) guy). So it can only be addressed to a boy/man.

Why does Rosa call Liesel Saumensch?

The Book Thief She just knows that he was labeled a Communist, a strange word to her. Another word that takes on great import is Saumensch, a name that Rosa calls Liesel when she does something wrong or is bothersome, but over time, Liesel comes to recognize this as a gruff term of endearment.

Does Rosa love Liesel?

Rosa Hubermann is Liesel’s foster mother, her Mama. Death, however, tells us that Rosa, surprisingly, has a very big heart, and does, in fact, deeply love both Hans and Liesel.. She also cares for Max when he is ill, and she holds Hans’s accordion at night praying for Hans’s, and everybody else’s, safe return.

Why does Liesel refuse to bathe?

By refusing to wash, she preserves that moment in a nearly literal sense and display her unwillingness to get over the deaths of the people she cared about. Eventually, in an act that symbolizes her letting go of the past and moving on, she bathes in the river.

Why is Rosa a woman with an iron fist?

The Woman with the Iron Fist- Why is mama called the woman with the iron fist? Mama is called the woman with the iron fist because she has a hot temper and washes and IRONS clothes for a living.

What does Liesel’s doll symbolize?

Because her mother is sick and her father has been taken away for being a Communist, Liesel understands that the Hubermanns represent a form of salvation for her, but at first she is very wary of them, especially Frau Hubermann, who calls Liesel saumench, meaning “pig girl.” Liesel’s stepfather, Hans, is a housepainter …

What is the woman with the iron fist?

Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing in the television series Iron Fist.

What does woman with an iron fist mean?

phrase [usu PHR n] An iron fist policy or approach is one which deals with people and situations in a very strict and cruel way.

What does it mean to be the iron fist?

: to rule a country, area, group, etc., in a very strict and often cruel way The dictator ruled (the country) with an iron fist.

What type of leader rules the iron fist?

1. Aristocratic style: An aristocratic manager rules with an iron fist. Usually, he or she cannot be swayed by other employees from following a predetermined course.

What does velvet glove mean?

: superficial gentleness and courtesy masking a strong and unyielding will or determination the communists were on the …

What’s a velvet hand?

used to describe someone who seems to be gentle but is in fact forceful and determined.

What is the velvet hand?

The Velvet Hand is a 1918 American drama film directed by Douglas Gerrard and written by F. McGrew Willis. The film stars Fritzi Brunette, William Conklin, Gino Corrado, F. A. Turner, Wedgwood Nowell and Carmen Phillips. The film was released on September 30, 1918, by Bluebird Photoplays, Inc..

What does it mean to glove someone?

to be working very closely with another person or organization, often in order to do somethingdishonest or immoral.

What does the phrase hand and glove mean?

: in extremely close relationship or agreement working hand in glove with the police.

What does taking off the gloves mean?

1. to start fighting or competing hard in order to achieve something. When this happens, you can say ‘the gloves are off’

What means collusion?

: secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose acting in collusion with the enemy.

What is another name for collusion?

Collusion Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for collusion?

complicity connivance
assistance cabal
tacit consent condonation
subversion confederacy
participation concurrence

What are the two types of collusion?

Collusion can take one of two forms–explicit collusion and implicit collusion.

What is another word for collusion?

SYNONYMS FOR collusion 1 intrigue, connivance, complicity.

What is a complot?

(Entry 1 of 2) archaic. : plot, conspiracy.

What is a drivel?

driveled or drivelled; driveling or drivelling\ ˈdri-​v(ə-​)liŋ \ Definition of drivel (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to talk stupidly and carelessly What is he driveling about now? 2 : to let saliva dribble from the mouth : slaver.

What is the similar meaning of word cooperation?

Words related to cooperation service, collaboration, partnership, unity, aid, assistance, participation, alliance, help, concurrence, synergy, society, conspiracy, concert, responsiveness, unanimity, union, cahoots, communion, harmony.