How do you say play plural in French?

How do you say play plural in French?

The French translation for “you play; you are playing (2nd person plural or polite form)” is vous jouez. The French, vous jouez, can be broken down into 2 parts:”you (singular polite form and plural)” (vous) and “play; are playing (2nd person plural)” (jouez).

How do you use Etait in French?

For a description, a state, a mood or situation in the past, or moreover a formal habit, use the imparfait (était /aytay/). était /aytay/ translates into : was, was being, was always, used to be, would (always)be, formely was, previously was.

What tense is je me suis?

7 The perfect tense of reflexive verbs

Subject pronoun Reflexive pronoun Present tense of être
je me suis
tu t’ es
il s’ est
elle s’ est

Is Je suis aller correct?

“Hier, je suis allé(e) faire des courses” is correct.

What is the perfect tense of avoir in French?

How to form the perfect tense with avoir

English Subject pronoun Avoir – to have
he/she/it (we) il/elle/on a
we nous avons
you (formal, plural) vous avez
they ils/elles ont

What are the French reflexive verbs?

French Reflexive verbs are actions that the subject is performing upon itself. They are always conjugated with the reflexive pronoun that agrees with the subject: me (myself), te (yourself), se (himself, herself, itself, themselves), nous (ourselves), and vous (yourself, yourselves).

Is Dormir a reflexive verb?

Reflexive verbs you can only do to yourself. So dormir is just the general term, He’s sleeping, they sleep I sleep, but with the reflexive, it’s “I’m putting myself to sleep”, he’s putting himself to sleep.