How do you spell key?

How do you spell key?

Correct spelling for the English word “key” is [kˈiː], [kˈiː], [k_ˈiː] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for KEY

  1. Hey,
  2. Kee,
  3. Kehoe,
  4. KEO,
  5. kea,
  6. K,
  7. -ey,
  8. keg,

How do you say key in other languages?

This is the translation of the word “key” to over 100 other languages….Saying Key in European Languages.

Language Ways to say key
French clé Edit
Frisian kaai Edit
Galician clave Edit
German Schlüssel Edit

Is pencil in Spanish masculine or feminine?

Masculine nouns that end with “z” (exceptions): The rice – el arroz. The fish – el pez. The pencil – el lápiz.

Why is it called a key?

The Keys were originally inhabited by the Calusa and Tequesta tribes, and were charted by Juan Ponce de León in 1513. De León named the islands Los Martires (“The Martyrs”), as they looked like suffering men from a distance. “Key” is derived from the Spanish word cayo, meaning small island.

What is the description of key?

(Entry 1 of 7) 1a : a usually metal instrument by which the bolt of a lock is turned. b : any of various devices having the form or function of such a key a key for winding a clock. 2a : a means of gaining or preventing entrance, possession, or control.

What does keys mean in slang?

The slang term “Key” (also spelled Ki) or “Keys” is a noun, which is used to reference drugs, specifically cocaine.

What is the purpose of a key?

In mechanical engineering, a key is a machine element used to connect a rotating machine element to a shaft. The key prevents relative rotation between the two parts and may enable torque transmission.

What are keys for?

On some computers, a key that you press together with another key to make the computer do a particular thing. The control key on a computer keyboard. A key on a computer keyboard that is used in combination with other keys for doing particular operations.

Is there a use for old keys?

6 Clever Ways To Reuse Old Unwanted Keys

  • Give Them Up For Recycling. In today’s world, you can give almost anything up for recycling.
  • Give Them As Gifts.
  • Sell Them And Make Some Cash.
  • Use It To Reach Tight Corners.
  • Use As Zipper.
  • Use As Screw Driver.

What is Ctrl Y do?

Control-Y is a common computer command. It is generated by holding Ctrl and pressing the Y key on most Computer Keyboards. In most Windows applications this keyboard shortcut functions as Redo, reversing a previous Undo.

What does F7 do?

F7. Commonly used to spell check and grammar check a document in Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Word etc. Shift+F7 runs a Thesaurus check on word highlighted. Turns on the Caret Browsing in Mozilla Firefox.

What does Ctrl Alt G do?

Updated: 12/31/2020 by Computer Hope. Alternatively known as Control+G and C-g, Ctrl+G is a keyboard shortcut often used to advance through Find results or move to a specific line in a document, spreadsheet, or text file.

What are 10 shortcuts?

Below are the top 10 keyboard shortcuts we recommend everyone memorize and use.

  • Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert and Ctrl+X. Both Ctrl + C and Ctrl + Insert will copy highlighted text or a selected item.
  • Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert.
  • Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y.
  • Ctrl+F and Ctrl+G.
  • Alt+Tab or Ctrl+Tab.
  • Ctrl+S.
  • Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End.
  • Ctrl+P.

Which is shortcut key?

A special key combination that causes a specific command to be executed. Typically, shortcut keys combine the Ctrl or Alt keys with some other keys. In Windows environments, for example, Ctrl +C is used as the shortcut key to copy. On PCs, the function keys are also often used as shortcut keys.

What are the basic shortcut keys?

Basic PC shortcut keys

Shortcut Keys Description
Ctrl+Esc Open the Start menu.
Ctrl+Shift+Esc Open Windows Task Manager.
Alt+F4 Close the currently active program.
Alt+Enter Open the properties for the selected item (file, folder, shortcut, etc.).

What are the most useful keyboard shortcuts?

10 Most Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. WIN. The WIN key is a shortcut key on its own.
  2. WIN + M. Minimizing all windows can take time especially if you open up ten windows at the same time.
  3. WIN + F1.
  4. WIN + E.
  5. WIN + R.
  6. WIN + L.
  7. WIN + Tab.
  8. WIN + Pause or Break Key.