How do you spell sing in French?

How do you spell sing in French?


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• sing → chanter ↔ singen

How do you say singing and dancing in French?

singing and dancing translation | English-French dictionary Elle a une jolie voix.

Can you sing a song for me in French?

Je vais te chanter une chanson….sing.

Would you sing us a song in English? Voudriez-vous nous chanter une chanson en anglais ?
Can you sing a song for me? Vous pouvez me chanter une chanson?

What is the difference between son and sont in French?

Difference between son et sont French words “son” and “sont” are grammar homophones ie they do not have the same function in the sentence. – sont comes from verb être conjugated to the indicative present : ils sont. – son is possessive adjective such as mon & ton (my & you).

Is Ont avoir or etre?

Simple Present Tense of ‘Avoir,’ ‘Être,’ and ‘Faire

Avoir Être
il a est
nous avons sommes
vous avez êtes
ils ont sont

Is lire etre or avoir?

For the verb lire, it is formed with the auxiliary verb avoir and the past participle lu​.

What does lire mean in English?

noun, plural li·re [leer-ey; Italian lee-re], /ˈlɪər eɪ; Italian ˈli rɛ/, li·ras. a coin and monetary unit of Italy until the euro was adopted, equal to 100 centesimi.

What is the perfect tense of lire in French?

lire: Conjugation

Present Perfect
je lis tu lis il/elle lit nous lisons vous lisez ils/elles lisent Pronounce these verb forms j’ ai lu tu as lu il/elle a lu nous avons lu vous avez lu ils/elles ont lu Pronounce these verb forms
Imperfect Pluperfect