How do you spell Specialities?

How do you spell Specialities?

Specialty and speciality are alternative spellings of a word that means an area of expertise.

  1. Specialty is used in both American and British English.
  2. Speciality is primarily a British spelling.

What is the difference between specialties and Specialities?

“Specialty” is used in American English,but “Speciality” in British English. Surprisingly,those plural forms are the same:“Specialities”. In the US it’s “specialty” and “specialties” is the plural form. Yes, I also think that both are having the same meaning, ‘the area of expertise’.

What does the word specialties mean?

1 : a distinctive mark or quality. 2a : a special object or class of objects: such as. (1) : a legal agreement embodied in a sealed instrument. (2) : a product of a special kind or of special excellence fried chicken is my specialty.

How do you spell specialty plural?

The plural form of specialty is specialties.

Which word has the opposite meaning of commotion?

commotion. Antonyms: calm, calmness, cessation, ease, intermission, pause, peace, peacefulness, quiescence, quiet, quietness, quietude, recreation, repose, rest, sleep, slumber, stay, stillness, stop, tranquillity.

What is another word for glow?

What is another word for glow?

light gleam
radiance brightness
incandescence brilliance
glimmer luminosity
vividness luminescence

What is the garment under a toga called?

RANK. ANSWER. Garment under a toga, perhaps. TUNIC.

What was a toga a symbol of?

The military cloak of the Roman soldiers, which consisted of a four-concered piece of cloth worn over the armour and fastened upon the shoulder by a clasp. It was a symbol of war, as the toga was the symbol of peace.

Do you wear anything under a toga?

Firstly, wear underwear and a t-shirt underneath – your friends will thank you for it later in the night. Then you will need a (non-fitted!)

Did Romans wear anything under their togas?

Ryan, The Romans—like numerous peoples before them—most certainly did wear underwear, the most fundamental of which was a loincloth knotted on both sides. It went under a number of names, such as subligaculum or subligar, a protective affair common on athletes.

What did a Roman toga look like?

The toga was an approximately semi-circular woollen cloth, usually white, worn draped over the left shoulder and around the body: the word “toga” probably derives from tegere, to cover. It was considered formal wear and was generally reserved for citizens.