How do you spell sweet as in room?

How do you spell sweet as in room?

The noun suite (pronounced “sweet”) means a musical composition, a staff of attendants, or a set of things (such as pieces of furniture) that form a unit. (In parts of Canada, suite is also used as a synonym for apartment or flat.) The phrase en suite refers to a bathroom that’s connected directly to a bedroom.

How do you spell sweet tart?

Correct pronunciation for the word “sweet-tart” is [swˈiːttˈɑːt], [swˈiːttˈɑːt], [s_w_ˈiː_t_t_ˈɑː_t].

How do you spell dessert you eat?

Dessert, the delicious sweet course after a meal, is spelled with two S’s. Desert, the dry, arid land, is spelled with one S. It’s easy to understand the difference and remember the spelling by learning a few mnemonic devices and looking at the origins of the words.

What is the quotient of 36 and 9?

36 divided by 9 is 4.

Is 49 divisible by any number?

When we list them out like this it’s easy to see that the numbers which 49 is divisible by are 1, 7, and 49.

How do you show 49 divided by 7?

Before you continue, note that in the problem 49 divided by 7, the numbers are defined as follows:

  1. 49 = dividend.
  2. 7 = divisor.
  3. Start by setting it up with the divisor 7 on the left side and the dividend 49 on the right side like this:
  4. The divisor (7) goes into the first digit of the dividend (4), 0 time(s).

How do you write 49 divided by 7?

Using a calculator, if you typed in 49 divided by 7, you’d get 7. You could also express 49/7 as a mixed fraction: 7 0/7.

What is the remainder of 36 7?

5 R

What is the quotient of 7 56?


How many 7s is 58?


Can you go from 56 to 7?

The answer you divide 56 by 7 which would get you 8.

How do you solve 56 divided by 4?

The answer to the question: What is 56 divided by 4 is as follows:

  1. 56 / 4 = 14. Instead of saying 56 divided by 4 equals 14, you could just use the division symbol, which is a slash, as we did above.
  2. 56 ÷ 4 = 14.
  3. 56 over 4 = 14.
  4. 56⁄4 = 14.

What is the quotient of 56 divided by 8?