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How do you use badly?

How do you use badly?

The word bad is an adjective and should be used to modify nouns and pronouns. Badly, like most words ending in -ly, is an adverb and is used to modify verbs. The thing that trips most people up is that linking verbs such as to be and to feel take adjectives rather than adverbs.

Which is correct I feel bad or badly?

Is It ‘Feel Bad’ or ‘Feel Badly’? Feel bad is the grammatically correct version when describing that you don’t feel well physically or emotionally. “Feel,” like all other sense verbs, can double as an action verb or a “linking verb,” where it connects the subject with a clause describing the subject.

Is so badly correct grammar?

There’s no subtle grammatical point, here. The verb, want, is being modified, so you need an adverb (“badly”). The reason you hear “I want it so bad” is just because a lot of people often use adjectives where they should use adverbs.

What is the meaning of badly?

badly adverb (UNPLEASANTLY) A2. in a severe and harmful way: She was badly affected by the events in her childhood. Fortunately, none of the passengers was badly hurt/injured in the crash. I thought he was treated very badly.

What is the meaning of badly need?

If you want or need something badly, you want or need it very much. Why do you want to go so badly? Planes landed at Bagram airport today carrying badly needed food and medicine. Synonyms: much, seriously, desperately More Synonyms of badly.

What does imperfectly mean?

Something imperfect has flaws, errors, or problems. Imperfect is the opposite of perfect. Imperfect comes from the Latin word imperfectus, meaning “incomplete.” If you have an imperfect knowledge of French, you might be able to order a coffee in Paris but not chat with the waiter.

What is another word for badly?

What is another word for badly?

poorly inadequately
faultily imperfectly
dreadfully appallingly
atrociously awfully
deplorably terribly

What is a mean person called?

A mean (unkind) person. meanie. villain. rogue. scoundrel.

What is a cruel person called?

barbarian. noun. someone who is cruel or violent.

What are p words?

  • pablum.
  • pacers.
  • pachas.
  • pacier.
  • pacify.
  • pacing.
  • packed.
  • packer.

What is a 7 letter word starting with P?

7-letter words starting with P

Paaliaq Paamese
padawan padders
paddies padding
paddled paddler
paddles paddock

What 5 letter word starts with P and ends with L?

5 letter words beginning with p and ending in l

  • panel.
  • papal.
  • parol.
  • pearl.
  • pedal.
  • penal.
  • peril.
  • petal.

What is the longest word beginning with P?

18-letter words that start with p

  • psychopharmacology.
  • phytohemagglutinin.
  • psychotherapeutics.
  • photosensitization.
  • photodecomposition.
  • polyribonucleotide.
  • palaeoanthropology.
  • polychromatophilia.

How many P words are there?

There are 66162 words that start with P.

What is the P word in English?

Among many British Asians, the “P-word” is thought of as the pinnacle of language which restricted the lives of our parents and grandparents in the latter half of the 20th century. It was used to restrict housing and deny jobs. It inspired violence. In other words, it represents the struggle of an extreme past.

What is a positive word that starts with P?


  • Peaceable peaceful; promoting calm, harmony and serenity.
  • Peaceful tranquil; calm; not disturbed by turmoil, war or strife.
  • Peachy fine; splendid; very good; resembling a peach.
  • Peerless having no equal or peer; matchless; unparalleled.

What are verbs that start with P?

Verbs Beginning with P

  • pack.
  • paddle.
  • paint.
  • park.
  • part.
  • pass.
  • paste.
  • pat.

What is a positive word that starts with a?

Positive Words That Start With A

Abide Ablaze Able-bodied
Accept Accessible Accessory
Acclaimed Accolade Accommodating
Accomplish Accomplishment Accordant
Accordingly Accredited Accuracy

What is an adverb beginning with P?

50 Adverbs Starting With P

Adverb Definition Synonym
presently something that is going on right now currently, immediately, shortly
presumably used to convey what is very likely apparently, likely, probably
pretty fairly or somewhat tolerably, moderately, rather
previously at an earlier time already, formerly, before

What is an adjective that starts with P?

Pleasant Adjectives That Start With P

  • patient: able to wait without complaining.
  • peaceful: calm, restful, at peace.
  • perfect: flawless, expert, complete.
  • perky: always cheerful and happy.
  • personable: sociable, enjoys talking to people.
  • philanthropic: generous, charitable.
  • picturesque: very beautiful, almost like a picture.

What is adverb of manner?

What is an adverb of manner? Adverbs of manner describe how something happens. For example, it is possible to walk or run at different speeds. The words used to describe walking or running at different speeds (quickly or slowly for example) are excellent examples of adverbs of manner.