How do you use perils in a sentence?

How do you use perils in a sentence?

Peril in a Sentence ?

  1. Since your life is in peril, I suggest you run!
  2. To avoid peril, Helen should leave her house before the hurricane gets any closer to shore.
  3. Although Pat knew he was possibly putting his life in peril by enlisting in the military, he wanted to help protect his country.

What do you mean by perils?

1 : exposure to the risk of being injured, destroyed, or lost : danger fire put the city in peril. 2 : something that imperils or endangers : risk lessen the perils of the streets.

Can peril be used as a verb?

verb (used with object), per·iled, per·il·ing or (especially British) per·illed, per·il·ling. to expose to danger; imperil; risk.

What is another word for perils?

What is another word for peril?

risk danger
menace jeopardy
pitfall insecurity
trouble uncertainty
distress endangerment

What is the opposite of perils?

What is the opposite of peril?

safety security
safeness secureness
certainty impregnability
invulnerability surety
protection strength

What types of lexical meaning do you know?

There are two types of semantics: lexical and compositional. Lexical semantics deals with the meanings of words and other lexical expressions. Besides lexical expressions, phrasal expressions carry meaning. Compositional semantics is concerned with how lexical meanings combine to generate phrasal meaning.

What are the four types of grammar?

Chomsky Classification of Grammars

Grammar Type Grammar Accepted Language Accepted
Type 0 Unrestricted grammar Recursively enumerable language
Type 1 Context-sensitive grammar Context-sensitive language
Type 2 Context-free grammar Context-free language
Type 3 Regular grammar Regular language