How do you use the word cohort?

How do you use the word cohort?

Examples of cohort in a Sentence The police arrested the gang’s leader and his cohorts. Depression was a common problem for people in that age cohort. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘cohort.

What does Cohorting mean?

A cohort is a group of people who are around the same age, like a cohort of college students who have similar experiences and concerns. The word cohort was originally used to describe a military unit in ancient Rome.

What is another word for cohort?

Cohort Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for cohort?

associate comrade
follower protagonist
accomplice henchman
myrmidon running mate
sidekick adherent

Why do they call it a cohort?

The word cohort was originally used to refer to ancient Roman military units consisting of 300 to 600 soldiers. From there, its meaning became more general until it came to mean any group of people, especially those with something in common.

What are members of a cohort called?

A cohort is a group of students who work through a curriculum together to achieve the same academic degree together. Cohortians are the individual members of such a group.

Who led a cohort?

Originally, a cohort consisted of six centuriae, each commanded by a centurion assisted by junior officers. At various times prior to the reforms, a century might have 100 men. The cohort had no permanent commander; during combat, the most experienced centurion of the six commanded the entire cohort.

Does cohort study have control group?

Cohort studies differ from clinical trials in that no intervention, treatment, or exposure is administered to participants in a cohort design; and no control group is defined. The study is controlled by including other common characteristics of the cohort in the statistical analysis.

How would you describe a cohort?

A “cohort” is any group of people with a shared characteristic. For example, in a birth cohort, what’s common to all individuals is their birth year. In a cohort study, the study participants are followed over time—from weeks to years, depending on the time frame.

Why is a cohort important?

A cohort study identifies a group of people and follows them over a period of time. The aim is to look at how a group of people are exposed to different risk factors which may affect their lives. Cohort studies can look at many different aspects of people’s lives, including their health and/or social factors.

What is the difference between a cohort and a generation?

The things that make a generational cohort distinctive are the circumstances shared by members of that cohort as they were coming of age. In short, generations are about starting points. The relevant contrasts for generations are those comparing the opinions and behaviors of cohorts at comparable ages.

What are the characteristics of Millennials?

Characteristics of the millennial generation

  • Values meaningful motivation.
  • Challenges the hierarchy status-quo.
  • Places importance on relationships with superiors.
  • Intuitive knowledge of technology.
  • Open and adaptive to change.
  • Places importance on tasks rather than time.
  • Passion for learning.

What are the five characteristics of Millennials?

As you create your materials, keep in mind these five characteristics of millennial e-Learners so you can develop products that speak to them.

  • #1 – They are information-hungry.
  • #2 – They are social media savvy.
  • #3 – They are content seekers.
  • #4 – They have short attention spans.
  • #5 – They are visual learners.

What are the positive characteristics of Millennials?

5 Positive Traits Millennials Should Highlight while Job Seeking

  1. Adventure Seeker. Older generations tend to like things to stay the same and have a more difficult time with change.
  2. Team Player.
  3. Tech Savvy.
  4. Fearless Innovator.
  5. Natural Problem Solver.