How do you wish someone a happy holiday in French?

How do you wish someone a happy holiday in French?

So you could say: Joyeuses fêtes – Happy Holidays. Joyeuses fêtes de fin d’année – Happy Holidays.

What does God Yule mean?

God jul, min vän. Merry Christmas, my friend.

What do they call Santa in Canada?

Kris Kringle

What does Kris Kringle mean?

Kris Kringle (plural Kris Kringles) (chiefly US) Synonym of Christkind (“a personification of the baby Jesus who, in German-speaking parts of Europe, takes the place of Santa Claus in bringing gifts to people at Christmastime”) quotations ▼

When did Kris Kringle originate?


Is Kris Kringle English?

​a US name for Father Christmas. It comes from the German word Christkindl, meaning Christ child, because German children believe that the baby Jesus brings presents during the Christmas season.

What country does Kris Kringle come from?

Christkind or Christkindl, the Austrian and German Christmas gift-bringer, the Christ Child. Santa Claus, by assimilation in the United States of the separate German tradition. Secret Santa, a gift exchange deriving from the Christkindl tradition. Kris Kringle, the lead character in Miracle on 34th Street.

What does the word Kringle mean?

Kringle is a Scandinavian pastry, a Nordic variety of pretzel, which arrived with Roman Catholic monks in the 13th century, especially in Denmark. It developed further into several kinds of sweet, salty or filled pastries. The word originates from the Old Norse kringla, meaning ring or circle.

Is Kringle a breakfast or dessert?

The kringle, 36 layers of flaky, buttery dough filled with a variety of fruits and nuts, is the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee or your evening dessert. Still, it is delicious throughout the hours between breakfast and a nighttime dessert, as well!

Is a Kringle?

A Kringle is an oval-shaped, Danish pastry made with 36 layers of buttery dough and filled with various fillings such as cheese, fruits, and nuts. Once baked, the kringle is drizzled with icing and sometimes other toppings like cinnamon sugar or crushed nuts.

What is a kringle cake?

So, what is a Kringle? Strictly speaking, it’s a Danish pastry made with a buttery dough and lots of layers, making it light and flaky. The inside is filled with various fillings such as fruits and nuts before the Kringle is baked golden-brown and then drizzled with icing.

What is the best Kringle?

Where to Get: Kringle

  • 1) Wisconsin Cheese Mart. Kringle will always be the pride of Racine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some right in the heart of Mil-town.
  • 2) O&H Danish Bakery.
  • 3) Uncle Mike’s Bake Shop.
  • 4) Bendtsen’s Bakery.
  • 5) Rocket Baby Bakery.
  • 6) Racine Danish Kringles.
  • 7) Larsen Bakery.
  • 8) Lehmann’s Bakery.

How many layers are in a Kringle?

A Fresh Start Our artisan bakers first focus on the heart and soul of a Kringle; its flaky, traditional Danish dough. The dough is then hand folded over and over creating its signature 81 layers.

What flavors of kringle are there?

All Our Danish Kringle Flavors

  • Almond Kringle.
  • Almond Macaron Kringle.
  • Birthday Kringle.
  • Wild Blueberry Kringle.
  • Cherry Kringle.
  • Cherry Cheese Kringle.

What flavor Kringles does Trader Joe’s sell?

A kringle is traditional Danish pastry with flaky layers, smooth almond filling and topped with sweet icing. Can’t find these at your local Trader Joe’s? Order one from O&H Danish Bakery for $21. But know that Trader Joe’s sells the exact same almond kringle for $9 so if you see it, grab one.

How much is a Kringle at Trader Joe’s?

They Kringles are available at Trader Joe’s for $7.99 each (via Instagram).