How do you write a French post card?

How do you write a French post card?

In general, when you are writing a postcard there are certain information you may include, such as:

  1. Greetings.
  2. How You went.
  3. Where you went (montagne, plage, campagne, ville…)
  4. When / with whom you went.
  5. Where or with whom are you staying? (à l’hôtel, chez l’habitant, dans un camping, dans un gîte…)

Is Le Monde left wing?

Le Monde Diplomatique is a left-wing newspaper available in 26 languages. Even though its parent company is the newspaper Le Monde, Le Monde Diplomatique enjoys full editorial independence and is known for its dislike of capitalism.

Is Le Monde centrist?

It’s centrist position became more pronounced after it was saved from collapse by Edouard de Rothschild. However, Rothschild’s involvement led to severe tensions among editors and journalists, and the newspaper sold only an average of 113,000 copies a day in 2010.

Who reads Le Monde?

Its readership has become older – 26.3% are between 50-64, with the 35-49 age group following – but it is still younger than Le Figaro’s.

Is Le Figaro biased?

Le Figaro has traditionally held a conservative editorial stance, becoming the voice of the French upper and middle classes. More recently, the newspaper’s political stance has become more centrist.

What does Figaro mean in French?

Definition of figaro in the French dictionary The definition of figaro in the dictionary is a comedy character, a type of intelligent and adroit but unscrupulous servant. Nobody dressed in figaro. Intriguing and unscrupulous man. Hairdresser.

Is Monde unbiased?

Yep Le Monde and Le Figaro are really good recommendations ! Similarly, Le Figaro is considered a bit right-leaning, especially in its opinion section. But both are good papers. They’re the rough equivalents of the New York Times (Le Monde) and the Wall Street Journal (Le Figaro) in terms of bias.

Is France 1 a French TV channel?

TV5Monde is a French language television network with local channels for many region of the world such as: TV5MONDE Europe. TV5MONDE Pacifique.

Can I watch France 24 in UK?

Available in 235 million households throughout the world, FRANCE 24 is also available in the UK on the SKY platform (English version, channel 513) and on FREESAT (English version, channel 205). …

Is France 24 on DStv?

Enhance your existing DStv Package with the very best French channels, including A+, Canal+, Canal+ Cinema Centre, Canal+ Sports 2 and 3, France 24, InfoSports+, Novelas TV, Planete, RTL 9, Teletoon+, TF1, Trace Africa French and more.