How does Jerry change in through the tunnel?

How does Jerry change in through the tunnel?

Summary: In Through the Tunnel by Doris Lessing, protagonist Jerry’s personality is changed during his adventure of swimming under water through the tunnel. He transforms from an overprotected, childish boy into an independent, mature person. In short, the adventure changes his personality.

What does the tunnel represent in through the tunnel?

The tunnel represents Jerry’s passageway from youth to maturity, a symbolic journey from boyhood to manhood. By proving himself worthy, Jerry is showing the world that he is no longer a child. In the end, Jerry’s climatic swim through the dark, dangerous tunnel proves his strength and endurance.

Why does Jerry swim through the tunnel?

It is very important for Jerry to swim through the tunnel so that he can prove to himself as well as the older boys and his mother that he is not a child.

Does Jerry make it through the tunnel?

Jerry completes a rite of passage by successfully swimming through the underwater tunnel. When the English boy Jerry, who is on holiday with his mother, first leaves her and goes to the bay, he swims out to where rocks are “like discolored monsters under the surface,” and he finds himself out in the real sea.

How does Jerry feel about himself after swimming through the tunnel?

How does Jerry feel about himself after swimming through the tunnel? He felt proud because he did what he set out to do.

Who is the antagonist in through the tunnel?

Jerry himself

Why does Jerry insist to his mother?

Jerry insisted on being bought a pair of googles after spending the day on the beach because he saw most people at the beach in them, he did not just decide because he saw people, it is also because he saw that they looked cool in them and wanted to also look cool like them.

Why does Jerry leave his mother?

He want his mother to know that he still loves her. Jerry’s mother worries that she is too protective because she feels that she may be causing her son to feel obligated to be with her, a condition which can lead to his loss of independence.

Who is the protagonist in through the tunnel?


What is the conflict in through the tunnel?

The conflicts in “Through the Tunnel” are man versus himself and man versus nature. Jerry, the main character, has the internal conflict of being torn between childhood that represents dependence and adolescence that represents independence.

How is Jerry’s Beach different from his mother’s?

How is Jerry’s beach different from his mothers? They are older, tanner, and speak another language. They’re friendly at first, but leave when he starts acting silly.

What is the plot of through the tunnel?

“Through the Tunnel” is a coming-of-age story about a young boy on vacation with his mother in a foreign country. He encounters some of the native boys who know how to swim through a hidden tunnel and get to another side of a beach. The boy decides to learn how to get through the tunnel and in the process, matures.

What is the main message of through the tunnel?

One theme of Doris Lessing’s short story, “Through the Tunnel,” is that growing up is a difficult and sometimes painful process. We see Jerry mature throughout the story, at first nagging and pestering his mother for goggles and later being able to delay gratification for the things he wants.

What point of view is through the tunnel?

“Through the Tunnel” is written in third-person limited point of view. The narrator describes the feelings of both Jerry and his mother but does not penetrate the thoughts of the local boys. This separation associates the reader more closely with the white tourists who are unfamiliar with the area.

What is Jerry’s internal conflict at the start of the story why does Jerry feel sorry or remorseful?

Jerry’s internal conflict, firstly, arises from his mother’s wish and what he wants for himself. He has to choose between doing what he wants or being obedient. At first, his guilt is what compels him to stay with her. He finally resolves this conflict by telling her that he longs to be elsewhere and she allows him.

What is the climax of the story through the tunnel?

The dramatic climax of the story occurs when Jerry reaches the end of the tunnel and makes his way to the surface. Doris Lessing creates tremendous suspense prior to the story’s climax. After Jerry enters the tunnel, it is questionable whether he will make it out or die in the effort.

How does the setting of through the tunnel affect the conflict of the story?

When the day does come that Jerry swims through the tunnel, he meets with unforeseen complications inside and struggles to improvise and persevere in order to save his life. Fortunately, he succeeds and conquers the tunnel. The setting, therefore, is directly associated with the conflict because it is Jerry vs.

Why does Jerry’s mother feel she is too protective?

Expert Answers Hover for more information. Jerry’s mother worries that she is too protective because she feels that she may be causing her son to feel obligated to be with her, a condition which can lead to his loss of independence. As a widow, Jerry’s mother has a close relationship with him.

What lesson did Jerry learn in through the tunnel?

It’s no longer important because the lesson that Jerry learned is that what others think is unimportant. He met and achieved his own goal. He proved it to himself and that is much more important to him than anything else.

What does the big beach symbolize for Jerry?

What does the big beach symbolize for Jerry? The usual interpretation is that the “safe beach” represents the comfort and security of Jerry’s childhood and his mother and the rocky, “wild beach” represents the unknown adolescent future without his mother.

What internal conflict does Jerry’s mother face?

He faces an internal conflict on whether he should stay with his mother or follow his desire to go to the bay. Likewise, Jerry’s mother also faces an inner conflict between her sense of duty and her sense of giving way towards her son.

What is Jerry’s age and family situation?

Jerry is eleven years old. His mother takes care of him as his father has passed away.

Which word best describes Jerry’s journey through the tunnel?

rite of passage

What is the resolution in through the tunnel?

The resolution of Doris Lessing’s “Through the Tunnel” occurs after Jerry makes it through the tunnel alive and resurfaces above the water on the other side of the huge rock. At this point, the reader knows that the main conflict is resolved: Jerry has accomplished the feat he so strongly desired.

What is the setting of through the tunnel?

The setting of Through the Tunnel, by Doris Lessing, is a beach on the coast. The beach is most likely in a foreign country based on the fact that the boys he meet are a different color than Jerry. The most important part of the setting, the tunnel, reflects the atmosphere of the story.

Who are the characters in through the tunnel?

Through the Tunnel Characters

  • Jerry. The protagonist of the story, and its only named character, Jerry is a young English boy on vacation with his mother to a coastal town in a foreign country.
  • Mother. Jerry’s mother is a widow on vacation with her son.
  • Older boys.

What is the tone of through the tunnel?

What is the mood of through the tunnel? In the short story “Through the Tunnel,” author Doris Lessing’s tone closely matches the feelings of the protagonist named Jerry. The tone is neither judgmental nor critical but is rather fully empathetic of the character’s situation and needs and even jubilant.

What is the author’s choice of setting in through the tunnel?

Answer: Doris Lessing chooses to write the setting of the story in a foreign, unknown area to the protagonist Jerry. It is a wild, rough, and unfamiliar setting that drives the theme of growth and the unknown.

Which of the following is a character trait of Jerry in through the tunnel?

The character traits that described Jerry in the novel ‘ Through the Tunnel’ are COMPETITIVE AND STUBBORN. ‘Through the Tunnel is a short story written by the British author, Doris Lessing in 1955. The story is about a young boy, Jerry and his mother, who are having their vacation at a beach in a foreign country.

What are some examples of word choice that convey the setting of this story?

The examples of word choice that convey the setting of ‘Through the Tunnel by Doris Lessing’ are the Rocky beach, long Underwater tunnel, wild-bay, safe beach, shore, holiday. These words tell us that they are on holidays at the beachside. The writer has used these words carefully to develop the mood of the story.