How does Karana keep herself happy on the island?

How does Karana keep herself happy on the island?

Despite her difficult circumstances, Karana draws on her mental and emotional strength to keep herself happy on the island. She sets goals for herself and devotes her energy to long-term projects, such as building a spear out of sea-lion teeth and sewing a skirt from cormorant feathers.

How did Karana feel when the Aleuts left the island?

Karana feels happy that Mon-a-nee is back in the sea, bit sad that she will not recognize him if she sees him, because otters all look alike. Karana moves back to her house on the headland now that the Aleuts are gone. The baskets she had stored there are gone, so she cannot live off of her food stores.

Why is Karana afraid of the Aleut girl?

Karana was afraid the Aleut girl would find her cave because lots of different types of food grew in the ravine near her cave (page number). Karana hates and fears the Aleuts because they killed her father and most of her people.

What was the gift the Aleut girl left for Karana?

When Karana returns, she knows someone has been at her cave. She looks fearfully around, not daring to enter. All she finds, however, is a necklace of beautiful black rocks left at the entrance of the cave.

How does Karana finally recognize Mon a nee?

A few months later, Karana discovers that Mon-a-nee is feeding the fish she gives him to some baby otters that follow him everywhere. She then realizes that Mon-a-nee is actually a girl, and that these smaller otters are her daughters..

What type of dog is Rontu?


What is a Devilfish?

Devilfish, an alternative and possibly obsolete name for the octopus. Gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus), called devil fish because of their self-defensive behavior when hunted. Devil fish, two Australian fishes: Paraplesiops meleagris (southern or western blue devil fish) Paraplesiops bleekeri (eastern blue devil …

Why octopus is called Devil Fish?

Some species of Octopus have been able to successfully kill large types of fish and sharks. Sometimes it is called the Devil Fish due to the appearance of it. In earlier times this particular appearance was considered to be evil by men on fishing boats. Should an Octopus lose an arm it can grow another in its place.

Is there a Devil Ray?

The giant devil ray (Mobula mobular) is a large marine vertebrate and can reach up to 5.2 m in disc width (DW), although specimens of about 3 m DW are most common. This large epipelagic batoid fish inhabits the entire Mediterranean Sea and possibly the adjacent Atlantic waters.

Are Devil Rays poisonous?

Rays in general are considered harmless and inoffensive. The Atlantic devil ray has no defensive spine on its tail. However, due to their great size and power (especially in the case of M. mobular or Manta birostris), larger specimens may damage small boats and become dangerous to humans when harpooned or hooked.

Can you touch a manta ray?

Or consider the beautiful Manta Ray. Not only will you scare away the graceful and elegant Manta Ray, but you can also cause damage and death to the animal. Just a slight touch of a human hand can disturb the mucus coating that is on their skin, causing bacteria infiltration and infection.

Can a manta ray kill you?

Manta Rays are not dangerous. They are even harmless and can’t hurt any diver or swimmer. They are usually very curious and swim around the divers. They can sometimes even jump out of the water to get rid off their parasites!

Has anyone died from a manta ray?

“No, he was not killed by a manta ray!” Steve Irwin died in 2006 after he accidentally got stung directly into the heart by a short-tail stingray. Steve Irwin was a great and colorful Australian conservationist who died too young.

Do stingrays like being touched?

But while touching a stingray might be neat for humans, such exhibits have been criticized by animal welfare advocates for allowing the animals to be “manhandled.” New research involving nearly 60 stingrays at the aquarium indicates that the animals do not suffer from their interactions with humans.

Is it OK to swim with stingrays?

People just need to remember that stingrays have long, whiplike tails with one or more razor-sharp, serrated barbs, which they use for defense. It is clearly dangerous to swim directly over a stingray (this is how Steve Irwin was fatally injured).

Is it safe to swim with manta rays?

In short NO, they are not dangerous however being in the water with a 4 to 6 metre wide creature can be quite intimidating. Armed with a little knowledge, hopefully, we can shed some light on what it is like to glide through the water with these incredibly majestic creatures!

What eats a manta ray?

The natural predators of manta rays are a few types of sharks, killer whales and false killer whales. Occasionally you may see a manta with the characteristic ‘half-moon’ shark bite on it’s wing. But the real danger to these sea creatures is, as always, humans and their activities.

Do manta rays attack humans?

Manta rays are closely related to sharks. There has never been any past reported incident where someone got hurt by a manta ray. While they may look like stingrays and come from the same family, Manta Rays are harmless to humans and do not sting.

Are manta rays smart?

Manta rays are surprisingly smart. Mantas have huge brains — the biggest of any fish — with especially developed areas for learning, problem solving and communicating. The giant rays are playful, curious and might even recognize themselves in mirrors, a sign of self-awareness.