How does Penelope first respond to Eurycleia upon hearing the news?

How does Penelope first respond to Eurycleia upon hearing the news?

The first response of Penelope after having to hear the news from Eurycleia is that Penelope accuses Eurycleia to be someone who is going insane after hearing the news from her.

How does Penelope react when she sees Odysseus?

When Odysseus returns, Penelope doesn’t recognize him and cannot be sure that Odysseus is really who he says he is. She tests Odysseus by ordering her servant Eurycleia to move their marriage bed. His anger, and the fact that he knows the story of the bed, proves his identity.

What does Penelope request from the suitors?

Penelope flirtily laments to her suitors that none of them have courted her properly. She wants gifts, which they scramble to bring her. Odysseus, watching, is amused, in a “my wife’s still got it” kind of way. Penelope meets the beggar up in her room that night and asks for information regarding her husband.

Who tells Penelope about the slaughter?

nurse Eurycleia

Eurycleia is the servant and wet-nurse of Odysseus. When Odysseus returns home, disguised as a beggar, Penelope, his wife does not recognize him. When she eventually does, Penelope does not believe her, and she accuses her of being mad.

How many suitors does Penelope?

108 suitors

What does Penelope decide to do when she hears of the suitors plan?

She finds out about the plot when Medon, a herald, overhears their plans and comes to alert her about the danger to her son. When Penelope’s suitors realize Telemachus has gone to find his father, they realize that they can use his voyage to kill him.

What internal conflict does Penelope face?

What was Penelope’s conflict? Penelope is struggling with facing having to marry a suitor. All the suitors did was spend her wealth, they had no justification, only that they had a lust to marry her.

How does Penelope resolve her conflict?

In what way does her solution show her to be well matched with Odysseus? Penelope resolves her conflict by testing Odysseus and seeing how Odysseus responds. They are both smart and strategic that’s how they match each other.