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How does Robert Bridges describe human emotions in London snow?

How does Robert Bridges describe human emotions in London snow?

Bridges personifies the snow, giving it human attributes, for example, when he says it falls “stealthily,” as if it consciously attempted to be quiet. “Deadening, muffling, stifling,” the snow seems threatening and constricting, while “veiling” the “road, roof and railing,” it seems to proclaim the luminous snowflakes.

How has Robert Bridges through the use of vivid imagery described the magical scene of London snow?

Through the use of vivid imagery, Robert Bridges paints a magical scene of London snow that is subtly superimposed over a scene of corrupted London. He does this by juxtaposing images of sparkling, drifting, magical snow with contrasting images of broken, unwelcoming, dirty city.

What is the theme of London snow?

“London Snow” is an 1890 poem by Robert Bridges (1844-1930). In the poem, Bridges writes of a London whose grime and drudgery are briefly transformed by heavy snowfall. Drawing on the tradition of the Romantic poets, he pits the sublime power of nature against the grinding toil of the Industrial Revolution.

How does bridges vividly convey the effects of the snowfall in the poem London snow?

In the poem “London Snow” by Robert Bridges, the poet describes the effect of seven inches of snow falling on the city of London during the night. In a sense, the snow acts as a great equalizer, “hiding difference, making unevenness even.” Bridges also uses vivid imagery to show various reactions to the snow.

How does the snow fall in the second stanza?

The powdery snow which fell on the top of poet changed his mood to happiness. Earlier, he was depressed and sad. Till now the poet had spent a part of his day in sadness, but now he started feeling refreshed. This incident saved some parts of the poet’s day which he would have spent in regret.

What does the poem snow by David Berman mean?

Snow is a poem that focuses on the interaction between two brothers out for a walk through a field of snow. It contains vivid imagery within its long lines and confronts the reader with the older brother’s dark imagination, despite a seemingly innocent opening scenario.

Who wrote the poem snow?

Louis MacNeice

When was deer hit written?


What is the tone of deer hit?

In Jon Loomis’ poem “Deer Hit”, the deer is a repeated idea that symbolizes innocence. The poem starts with, “You’re seventeen and tunnel-vision drunk”. The main character is underage drinking and driving, and as a result, hits the deer.