How does the chorus interact in the play Antigone to influence the actions in the plot?

How does the chorus interact in the play Antigone to influence the actions in the plot?

In Antigone the Chorus at times directly affects the action of the play. The main functions of the Chorus are to comment on the action of the play, give back story, and to connect the play to other myths. Sophocles also uses the Chorus to expound upon the play’s central themes.

What is the chorus saying in Antigone?

The chorus tells the audience hints and clues as to what will occur later in the play. In Antigone, the chorus foreshadows Antigone and Creon’s downfall by singing about the ‘mastery of man’ and his limits. The chorus says man has conquered ‘all but death,’ which foreshadows what is in store for Antigone.

How does the chorus feel about what Antigone did?

The chorus feels sorry for Antigone and believes that she will receive glory after death. Earlier in the play, the chorus was firmly on Creon’s side and agreed that the criminal must be punished.

What comfort does the chorus offer Antigone in this scene?

What comfort does the Chorus offer Antigone in this scene? She will at least die with honor. On page 226, does Antigone think that the Chorus is making fun of her? (“You laugh at me.

What is the conflict between Antigone and Creon quizlet?

Creon declares the burial of Polyneices as illegal and punishable by death. Antigone goes against this law and buries her brother, Polyneices. This creates a conflict between Antigone and Creon because they have opposing views. Haemon wants Creon to let Antigone go but Creon refuses.

What type of character is Creon?

Angry and intent on his will, Creon appears the epitome of the bad, ruthless leader, impervious to the laws of the gods or humanity. As the king of Thebes in Antigone, Creon is a complete autocrat, a leader who identifies the power and dignity of the state entirely with himself.

What is the chorus in Antigone?

In Antigone by Sophocles, the Chorus, which consists of a group of Theban elders who are advisers to King Creon, performs three important roles. First, they provide information about what takes place offstage, filling in backstory or action that is necessary for the audience to understand the plot.

What role does the chorus play in the first half of Antigone A It ties up all the loose ends in the play B it comments on the action and provides background information c it offers insights into the characters motivations D It explains the play’s events to the audience in simple language?

The corect answer here is that the chorus in the first half of Antigone play the role of commenting on the action and providing background information. This is often the role of the chorus in plays and musicals.

What key information does Ismene reveal in line 650 and how does Creon respond Why?

Answer Expert Verified. Answer: Ismene reveals that she helped Antigona to entertain her brother. Upon hearing this, Creon states that he will condemn Antigone and Ismene to death.

What is the result of haemon’s discussion with his father?

Antigone dared to defy his orders. Which of the following is a result of Haimon’s discussion with his father? Haimon asserts his father will never see him again.

Why did Antigone hang herself?

When King Creon finds out, he becomes furious and orders Antigone to be walled up alive in a tomb. Rather than live in dishonor, Antigone sees it as her religious duty towards the gods and her brother to take her own life by hanging herself.