How does the niece advance the plot of the story the open window?

How does the niece advance the plot of the story the open window?

How does the niece advance the plot of the story “The Open Window”? She entertains Framton during a difficult period in his life. She tricks Framton into believing a falsehood that sends him into a panic. She reveals a family secret that her aunt wants to keep hidden.

Why did Vera lie to Mr Nuttel?

By telling her lie, she both amuses herself and relieves the family of an unwanted guest. However, she also lies to her family at the end, indicating that this a form of control and enjoyment for her, a habit that goes beyond getting rid of Mr. Nuttel.

Who was Vera Class 8?

Answer: Vera was the niece of Mrs. Sappleton. She was a young girl of fifteen.

What did Mrs Sappleton say about the open window?

Question 4: What did Mrs Sappleton say about the open window? Answer: Mrs. Sappleton said that her husband and her younger brothers had been on a shooting spree and she was expecting them to come back through the window. They always came by that route only.

Why did Mrs Sappleton look at the window again and again?

Sappleton keeps her window open is because her husband and her brothers go hunting quite a lot (shooting). That particular day, the shooting party had been out in the marshes and Mrs. Sappleton knew that they usually would come that route back to the house.

Why does Mr Nuttel leave in such a hurry?

When Mr Nuttel sees Mrs Sappleton’s husband and the two brothers enter the house with their dog, he leaves abruptly because he thought they were ghosts. Vera concocts a story about his fear of dogs as the reason for his abrupt departure to hide the fact that she had lied to him about them dead.

What tragedy in the sappleton family has Vera explained to Mr Nuttel?

What tragedy in the Sappleton Family has Vera explained to Mr. Nuttel? She says that Mrs. Sappleton’s husband and 2 brothers were lost in a “bog” swamp and their bodies were never found.

Why did Framton grab his stick and hat ran out?

Framton has two reasons for grabbing his walking stick and running out of the house. One of these is that he believes the three men are ghosts returning from the dead. But another reason for his being so terrified is that all three of them are carrying guns. Framton is characterized as a very nervous man.

How did Framton know the aunt?

What does Framton know of Vera’s aunt? He only knows her name and address. She said that her aunt’s husband, her young brothers, and a spaniel went off for a day’s shooting and never came back 3 years ago.

What tragedy had happened with Mrs Sappleton as told by the niece?

According to the niece, the Sappleton family had been completely shattered because of a tragedy that had occurred three years ago. The niece tells Framton that Mrs Sappleton’s husband and brothers had gone shooting three years ago and had never returned ever since.

Why does Framton run off without saying he sees ghost he is afraid of dogs he must rush to the doctors he is angry with the child?

Framton runs off without saying good-bye because: He thinks he sees ghosts. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful. Share your world. WINDOWPANE is the live-streaming social network that turns your phone into a live broadcast camera for streaming to friends, family, followers, or everyone.

Why is Nuttel staying in the countryside?

Framton Nuttel was visiting because he had a nerves problem and was going to have to stay there because he needed some place calm and nice far away from somewhere that could bring his nervous up.