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How does the setting affect the narrator?

How does the setting affect the narrator?

A. It makes the narrator feel far away from the city. It makes the narrator feel like he is in a city. …

How did the daughter of Mrs S realize that she had reached up to the right address?

Ans. When the woman who opened the door gave no sign of recognition, the narrator thought she was perhaps mistaken and had rung the wrong bell. When she saw the woman wearing her mother’s green knitted cardigan, she was convinced that she had made no mistake and reached the right address.

What made the narrator nostalgic about the things kept at Mrs Dorling house?

The narrator had been asked by her mother to remember Mrs Dorling’s address who had taken many belongings of the on the pretext of keeping them safe during the war. The narrator felt nostalgic as she saw the fine cutlery, vases and antique plates of her mother. But, they were kept rather tastelessly.

Why did the narrator think that she had rung the wrong bell?

The woman pretended as if she does not recognize her. This made the narrator feel that she had rung a wrong bell. The narrator saw that the lady who opened the door was wearing the green cardigan which originally belonged to her mother. This made her believe that she had come up to the correct address.

How did the first visit of the narrator become useless?

Answer: When the narrator went inside the house of Mrs. Dorling, she was ‘in the midst of things’ which belonged to her mother. In the present, they had turned useless as her mother had died.

Why was it is not important to know Ranga’s star?

Why was it not important to know Ranga’s star? (a) Because Shastri already knew. (b) Because Shastri was taught beforehand by the narrator. (c) Because Shastri was not well versed.

What is the role of man in between heaven and earth?

This is also where Man finds a fundamental role. In that space between Heaven and Earth, he becomes the conduit of communication between both poles of the Universe. Man is the channel of communication in the space between Heaven and Earth which are the two poles of the universe. Man’s presence is essential.

What path does the Chinese painter’s art create?

Answer: : A Chinese painter does not want the viewer to choose a single viewpoint. His landscape is not a ‘real’ one, and you can enter it from any point and then travel in it. The artist creates a path for the viewer’s eyes to travel up and down, then back again, in a leisurely movement.

What does the Chinese landscape depict Class 11?

The Chinese term for “landscape” is made up of two characters meaning “mountains and water.” It is linked with the philosophy of Daoism, which emphasizes harmony with the natural world.

What does the narrator mention as a priceless commodity?

He is the first of his village to receive English Education and was sent outside the village for studies. English language is called a priceless commodity because in those days, English was not known to common people in the narrator’s village.