How is Benvolio honest?

How is Benvolio honest?

Benvolio was completely honest, simply stating the facts as they were, without any bias. After the death of Mercutio and Tybalt, Benvolio describes the fight scene to the Prince: “Tybalt here slain, whom Romeo’s hand did slay (…) / This is the truth, or let Benvolio die” (3.1. 114 -137).

Does Benvolio tell the truth about the fight to the prince?

The Prince enters, accompanied by many citizens, and the Montagues and Capulets. Benvolio tells the Prince the story of the brawl, emphasizing Romeo’s attempt to keep the peace, but Lady Capulet, Tybalt’s aunt, cries that Benvolio is lying to protect the Montagues. She demands Romeo’s life.

Why does Benvolio not want to fight?

Why does Benvolio try to stop the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt? He’s trying to keep the peace so no one gets killed. Romeo wants to kill Tybalt for killing Mercutio. After killing Tybalt, Romeo says “O, I am fortune’s fool.” What does this mean?

What makes Mercutio finally draw?

In this scene, Tybalt encounters Romeo and Mercutio. He insults them, and attempts to fight Romeo. However, as Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin, and Romeo has just married Juliet, he does not want to fight. This causes Mercutio to draw his, as he wants to defend Romeo.

Why does Mercutio draw his sword?

What does Mercutio want to do after Tybalt has insulted Romeo and Romeo has been kind? Mercutio thinks that Romeo is dishonorable for not fight and so he wants to fight Tybalt. He draws his sword and directs Benvolio to draw his sword in an effort to break up the fight because the Prince banned fighting.

How is Tybalt able to kill Mercutio so easily?

Tybalt is able to kill Mercutio so easily because Romeo is trying to stop the brawl. Remember, in the scene before, Romeo married Juliet, the cousin of Tybalt. Since he is now in family relation with Tybalt, Romeo cannot harm him. While Romeo is trying to persuade Mercutio to stand down, Tybalt stabs Mercutio.

Which too untimely here did scorn the earth?

That gallant spirit hath aspired the clouds, 80Which too untimely here did scorn the earth. Oh Romeo, Romeo, brave Mercutio is dead! His brave spirit has floated up to heaven, but it was too early for him to leave life on earth.

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How long did Romeo and Juliet know each other?

four days