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How is Hannah Baker described in the book?

How is Hannah Baker described in the book?

Hannah is a simple girl at heart. She likes candy, hot chocolate, blue nail polish, filling out surveys, and reading and writing poetry. Deeply romantic, she wants to find love, and is exploring relationships naturally, at her own pace. She’s also smart and very friendly.

Is 13 reasons why appropriate for a 13 year old?

Should your kids watch “13 Reasons Why”? That’s a decision you have to make. Netflix rates the show TV-MA — not for anyone under 17 — but there is no hard-and-fast rule, because not all 7-year-olds or all 17-year-olds are the same.

What is the end of 13 reasons why book?

Porter, Hannah’s guidance counselor, didn’t take her seriously when she said she was suicidal, and he let her leave his office without getting her any help. The novel ends with Clay going to school the next day after mailing the tapes to Jenny. When he gets there, he sees Skye Miller, the girl from the bus.

Who did Hannah Baker lose her virginity to?


Who broke into Clay’s house?

7. There’s gotta be more to Nina’s story, right? Turns out, Nina was the one who broke into Clay’s car and took the box of Polaroids from the Clubhouse. In the season finale, she’s shown burning every single photo of every girl who’s ever been assaulted by Bryce and his friends.

Is Monty in love with Bryce?

On the night of Bryce’s murder, Monty has sex with Winston Williams, though he continues to insist he’s not gay. The group subsequently pins Bryce’s murder on Monty to protect Alex Standall after being informed that Monty’s dead, killed in his jail cell hours before.

Does Justin move out of Clay’s house?

But while the parents in this show are pretty oblivious, Clay’s family did eventually discover Justin had been camping out in their house. However, Justin ended up leaving after overhearing Clay’s parents arguing.

How was Monty killed 13 Reasons Why?

When Monty was imprisoned for assaulting fellow classmate Tyler Down (Devin Druid), he was attacked and killed in confinement, leaving him as a perfect scapegoat for his former friend Bryce Walker’s (Justin Prentice) unsolved murder.

How did Monty get framed?

Monty was arrested and serving time for sexually assaulting Tyler (Devin Druid) at the end of season 2. But that isn’t all that happened to him on 13 Reasons Why. He was framed for the murder of Bryce Walker, a complex lie that will absolutely unravel in the final season.

How did Monty de la Cruz die?

In the final episode, it is revealed that Monty de la Cruz died in his jail cell following his sexual assault arrest after Tyler turned him in. (In case you forgot, Monty raped Tyler in the bathroom in a broom handle in season 2. Tyler kept it a secret for 8 months before he opened up to a handful of people.)

Why did Monty die in the 100?

In the final instalment of The 100 it was revealed Monty (played by Christopher Larkin) and Harper (Chelsey Reist) had died after they escaped Earth. Their death was confirmed by their son Jordan (Devon Bostick) in the last minutes as he noted they had passed away due to old age.

Is Monty dead the 100?

1 Monty and Harper Even though they’re separate people, their deaths are tied together. With Monty and Harper gone, and their son Jordan joining the team, Clarke, Bellamy, and their friends decided they would do better in Monty’s honor.

Does Harper get pregnant in the 100?

In “Damocles (Part 2)”, Harper is shown pregnant in a video. This makes her the third pregnant character shown in the series, the first two being Aurora Blake and Charmaine Diyoza. She and Monty are the first characters to have a child during the series.

Does Jasper forgive Clarke?

Jasper hated Clarke and wasn’t ready to forgive her. By the end of Season Three, it was implied that Jasper finally forgave her when he was apologetic to Monty for blaming him and Clarke and that he was done blaming. However, he was chipped at the time.