How long does amcas take to process?

How long does amcas take to process?

approximately 6 weeks

How long does it take AAMC to verify application?

about 6 weeks

Can you apply to more schools after submitting amcas?

Yes! You can submit your AMCAS to one or more schools, and later you can log back in to add additional schools. This works really well if you’re waiting on an MCAT score to come in. You can apply to 1 school, get your application verified, and then add the additional schools immediately once you get your new score.

How long is the amcas personal statement?

5,300 characters

How long is the med school personal statement?

about 1.5 pages

What should you not do in a personal statement for medical school?

What NOT to do in your medical school personal statementDON’T use this space as a tell-all. Many students focus on their own or family members’ medical conditions in their personal statements. DON’T throw a pity party. DON’T demonstrate a lack of compassion or empathy. DON’T bargain. Don’t complain.