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How many children did Mrs Turner have?

How many children did Mrs Turner have?

Turner, Tea Cake also learns that the Turners have had bad luck with childbirth—they lost several children at birth and only have one son. Mrs. Turner is extremely racist in her perspective on black and white people. She sees white people as gods and black people as worshippers.

Who is Mrs Turner in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Mrs. Turner is Janie and Tea Cake’s awkward looking and often disrespectful neighbor in the muck, who attempts to befriend Janie and alienates Tea Cake. Mrs. Turner repeatedly suggests that Janie go out with her brother, who she says is much better than Tea Cake because of his intelligence and lighter skin.

Why does Mrs Turner like Janie?

Mrs. Turner takes a shine to Janie because of Janie’s light skin and physical beauty, believing Janie to be better than others because she is “whiter.” Mrs.

What is ironic about Mrs Turner?

Not once was never any desire for equality. Another ironic moment in Mrs. Turner’s rant is when she accuses Janie of being “sorter hypnotized” by Tea Cakes love, which, in her eyes, is wrong because he is dark skinned. Therefore, she thinks that a new race for she and Janie should be created.

What does Mrs Turner worship?

Turner’s worship of whiteness and hatred of blackness to a religion. Mrs. Turner hopes for a miracle—to become white—despite its complete impossibility. Her beliefs are illogical and yet she continues to have faith despite never-ending disappointment.

What do Tea Cake’s words reveal about his intentions?

What do Tea Cake’s words reveal about his intentions? He plans to avoid Mrs. Turner and her business.

Which excerpt from Hurston’s John Redding Goes to Sea is an example of non standard English?

Which excerpt from Hurston’s “John Redding Goes to Sea” is an example of nonstandard English? “Yes, indeed!” said the father looking toward the tree designated. Sometimes in his dreams he was a prince, riding away in a gorgeous carriage.

Where does Their Eyes Were Watching God take place?