How many Hawaiian Akua are there?

How many Hawaiian Akua are there?

four gods

What is kuleana?

Kuleana is a uniquely Hawaiian value and practice which is loosely translated to mean “responsibility.” The word kuleana refers to a reciprocal relationship between the person who is responsible, and the thing which they are responsible for.

What does Akane mean in Japanese?

deep red

What does Akabane mean in Japanese?

Last Name in Japanese Kanji(Hiragana) : 赤羽(あかばね) Meaning : 赤 meaning red./ 羽 meaning feathers, counter for birds, rabbits.

What color is Akane?

The Japanese translation of Akane means “glowing evening sky.” The striking spring colors turn to yellow and then light green in the summer. Fall colors are orange and yellow.

How old is Akane Owari?

Akane Owari
Date Of Birth July 15th, 1994
Height 176cm
age 19-20(DR2) 16/17-18/19(Despair Arc)
Status Alive

What disease did Akane?

For example, Nagito was afflicted by the Liar Disease, Akane Owari had the Coward Disease, and Ibuki Mioda had the Gullible Disease. Due to the fever and personality change, most of the ill people appear to be in a groggy, fuzzy-headed state.

Who killed Akane?

Manga. Akane Owari’s Execution is an execution in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, with Akane Owari to be executed and successfully interfered by Nekomaru Nidai, who used himself as a shield for Akane, resulting in his fatal injury.

Who killed Nagito?


Why is Nagito hated?

One reason. The game forces you to be with Nagito so much, his character get’s really annoying. Nagito’s twist was in the FIRST trial, which in my opinion, and probably everyone else’s because you all say Ibuki died too early, is too early. The game pushes his character so much.

Is Nagito in love with Hajime?

It is revealed that Nagito’s feelings for Hajime are romantic in nature. This is confirmed in the official drama CD, in which Nagito tells Hajime: “I’ll continue to do anything in my power to assist you. Because… I like you.

Why did Kokichi kill himself?

The culprit was soon found out to be Kaito by Shuichi. It was revealed that Kokichi had planned his own murder all along to work towards saving the class with a case even the mastermind couldn’t solve.

Is Kokichi pansexual?

In a way yes , but I like to believe that Kokichi is pansexual , and he’s like ” screw the gender , just as long as they entertain me I don’t care ! ” but , that doesn’t mean you can’t see Kokichi as gay , You can see him as gay , bisexual , pansexual or any sexuality as you please to.