How many times did Jay Cutler beat the Green Bay Packers?

How many times did Jay Cutler beat the Green Bay Packers?

Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler has faced the Green Bay Packers 13 times in his career.

How many interceptions did Jay Cutler throw against Green Bay?

23 interceptions
During his tenure, Cutler was 2-11 against Green Bay, throwing 23 interceptions compared to 15 touchdowns. Cutler was also sacked 36 times by Packers defenders while only eclipsing 300 yards once and no more than two touchdowns.

How many times have the Packers swept the Bears?

The two teams have met each other 203 times (including 2 postseason games), with the Chicago Bears winning 95 games and the Green Bay Packers winning 102 games.

What is Aaron Rodgers record vs Bears?

The Packers’ 24-14 victory gave Rodgers a 21-5 career record against the Bears in the regular season. He owns them.

Did Jay Cutler ever beat the Packers?

That honor goes to Jay Cutler, who also threw 22 interceptions in 12 career games. He had a 2-10 record in rivalry contests against Green Bay. The legendary running back rushed for 2,484 yards and 19 touchdowns against the Packers in 24 career games, with the Bears going 17-7 in those contests.

How many interceptions did Rodgers throw against Tampa Bay?

Rodgers threw six interceptions the entire season, including two playoff games, and three of them came against the Bucs, who beat the Packers 38-10 during the regular season.

What team is better Bears or Packers?

They are the two oldest teams in continuous operation in the National Football League with a rivalry spanning 203 games, including two playoff meetings. The Packers hold a slight lead in the series with 102 wins to the Bears’ 95, with six ties.

Who has the most touchdowns at Soldier Field?

With two touchdown passes, Rodgers tied Brett Favre for the most touchdown passes in team history at Soldier Field. And he extended his team record with 57 total touchdown passes against the Bears. It’s safe to say Rodgers does own the Bears.

When was the last time the Bears beat the Packers twice in one season?

The Bears had previously led the series by as many as 24 games both in 1960 and in 1992. The two teams have met twice in the NFL playoffs, with each team winning one game….Bears–Packers rivalry.

Latest meeting October 17, 2021 Packers 24, Bears 14
Next meeting December 12, 2021
Meetings total 203
All-time series Packers, 102–95–6

Has Rodgers ever beat Brady?

Brady head-to-head matchups. Rodgers and Brady have met head-to-head just three times in their careers. Brady is 2-1 in those games.