How many ways can you spell fair?

How many ways can you spell fair?

Even though they’re spelled differently, ‘fair’ and ‘fare’ are pronounced exactly the same way with one syllable. While the first two letters of both words are the same, an easy way to remember ‘fare’ is by remembering that it ends in ‘-re’, as in a fare is sometimes refunded.

What is the difference between fair and fare?

Fair can be used as a noun, and adverb or an adjective. Fare can be used as a verb or a noun. Fair as an adjective – means pleasing appearance, just and unbiased, light tone complexion. Fare as a verb – To get along, to happen or to go, perform is a specific way, or to succeed.

How do you spell fair?

The first one is simple—if it’s an adjective, it’s “fair.” The adjective “fair” has a range of meanings, and you may need to use context clues to figure them out, but it’s always spelled “fair.” If the word is used as a verb, however, it’s always “fare.”

How do you use fair and fare in a sentence?

I will go to the fare this weekend. His skin is fare. The new bus fair is way too much….

  1. My odds of winning the prize are fair.
  2. My favorite part of vacation was trying the local fair in Jamaica.
  3. I did not fare well on my homework, because it was too hard.
  4. We are going to the fair today.

What is a better word for fair?

adjective. unbiased, above board, equitable, even-handed, honest, impartial, just, lawful, legitimate, proper, unprejudiced. light, blond, blonde, fair-haired, flaxen-haired, towheaded. respectable, adequate, average, decent, moderate, O.K., okay (informal), passable, reasonable, satisfactory, tolerable.

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