How many ways can you spell Kirsty?

How many ways can you spell Kirsty?

Correct spelling for the English word “Kirsty” is [kˈɜːsti], [kˈɜːsti], [k_ˈɜː_s_t_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does Kirsty mean?

Save to list. Girl. Latin, English, Scottish. A Scottish form of Kirsten, which is a Scandinavian form of Christina, from the Latin Christinus meaning “a follower of Christ”.

What does Kirsty mean in Scottish?

follower of Christ

Is Kirsty a nice name?

Kirsty is a perfectly nice name (less keen on the Kirstie spelling – too cutsey) and goes well with Angus.

What does Kristy mean in Greek?

Word/name. Latin, Greek. Meaning. Follower of Christ, Anointed. Other names.

Who is Kirsty Wells?

Kirsty Wells is a young filmmaker with an academic background in Zoology. She has spent the last few years independently shooting and editing short-form video content from documentaries to promotional videos and is now building up TV credits in research and production roles.

Is Kirsty Irish name?

Kirsty in Irish is Cristíona.

How common is the name Kirsty?

According to the research, Kirsty is the most “at-risk” name and has seen a 99.24 per cent drop in use since 2000 – with only four babies being given the moniker in 2019.

What names are going extinct?

Names most at risk of extinction:

  • Girls – Gemma (-68%) Tia (-60%) Aimee (-59%) Rebecca (-59%) Heather (-59%)
  • Boys – Kieran (-65%) Scott (-60%) Kyle (-57%) Ross (-54%) Reece (-51%)
  • Girls – Aria (+597%) Harper (+317%) Penelope (+290%) Mila (+261%) Quinn (+232%)
  • Boys – Albie (+282%) Arlo (+265%) Seb (+223%) Joey (+218%)

What names are dying out?

Mitchell, Kieran and Ross top the list of most endangered baby boy names in 2019, with some dramatic popularity drops….The most endangered girls names:

  • Kirsty.
  • Jordan.
  • Shauna.
  • Shannon.
  • Courtney.
  • Lauren.
  • Gemma.
  • Jodie.