How much does a concrete pump cost?

How much does a concrete pump cost?

Entry–level pumps cost about $19,000, with prices increasing up to about $60,000 for higher–volume pumps with greater pressure. One worker can operate these pumps, which typically include a remote control for regulating the concrete delivery. Hoses and other accessories also are available.

Is Concrete Pumping a good business?

The interest in truck-mounted concrete pumps continues to grow amid the push for ever-higher productivity gains on modern construction sites. It means the business of pumping concrete is annually worth an estimated $1.75 billion in the U.S. and it’s expected to be worth $2.3 billion by 2021.

What size concrete pump do I need?

This truck pumps up to 170 yards per hour making it ideal for jobs requiring fast setup….Boom Specifications.

Vertical Reach 104 feet 6 inches
Horizontal Reach 91 feet 5 inches
Pipeline Diameter 5 inches
Unfolding Height 24 feet 9 inches
Front Outrigger Width 20 feet 5 inches

What are the major problems in using pumping for concreting works?

The main problems associated with pumping are the effect of segregation and bleeding. To rectify these adverse effects, the proportion of cement is increased to enhance the cohesion in order to reduce segregation and bleeding.

How much does a concrete pump truck cost per hour?

Concrete pumps are rented by the hour. Generally speaking, hourly rates will range somewhere between $150 and $200. Prices will vary based on region and the amount of competition in the area.

Is Concrete Pumping a subcontractor?

The problem is that those items are all to their benefit, and do not change the fact that, in almost all cases, concrete pumping companies are service providers, not subcontractors. The person who hires you typically works for a subcontractor.