How much does it cost to replace a Mustang convertible top?

How much does it cost to replace a Mustang convertible top?

As you can see, prices hover in the $300 to $1,200 range for most popular convertible models. All other things being equal, it costs more to replace the top for a newer model than for an older model….Replacement Cost.

Make & Model of Car Average Price of Convertible Top
Ford Mustang $420
Mazda Miata $300
BMW 4 $800
Chevy Camaro $310

How long does a Mustang convertible top last?

How long do Mustang convertible tops last? The stock Mustang convertible top should last anywhere from 10-15 years.

What is a Mustang convertible top made of?

Most of the factory convertible tops on Mustangs are vinyl. However, there’s a simple test you can do if you aren’t sure whether yours is vinyl or fabric. Pour a little clean water on the top and spread it around. If the water soaks through the top, then you have a canvas or fabric top.

How often does a convertible top need to be replaced?

Tops generally last 10-12 years depending on care, storage, maintenance, and amount of use. That being said, we have seen tops that are 15 years old that still look good so there are many factors.

Does insurance cover convertible tops?

A. If you have full coverage the insurance will pay to replace your convertible top, less your deductable. * However a convertible top is considered a wear item, meaning that every year older the top is, it is worth less (prorated).

Can you put a hard top on a convertible Mustang?

Adding a removable Hardtop is the most exciting and practical improvement that can be made to your Mustang Convertible. The #1 performance option designed for action.

Why won’t my convertible top go down?

If a convertible top simply doesn’t go up or down when you engage the switch, the cause may be a bad fuse, lift cylinder, or relay. When a convertible top gets stuck in the process, it is most likely caused by a lift cylinder or a broken cable.

Can a convertible go through a carwash?

Most Convertibles Are Car-Wash-Friendly No limitations. Every car is quality-checked to ensure water-tightness … the top frame is very rigid to be able to handle going up and down at up to 31 mph, so a car wash brush is no issue.”

Are convertibles hard to maintain?

Susceptible to leaks Roof materials have improved, but not enough to guarantee that water will stay outside. Whether you drive a hard-top or soft-top convertible, heavy rain and snow can still make you susceptible to leaks.

Can you put Armor All on a convertible top?

Armor All® Car Wash is ideal for vinyl. For tough stains on convertible tops, try Armor All® Multi-Purpose Auto Cleaner or Armor All® Cleaning Wipes for a quick and easy way to clean your car’s fabric surfaces. You can also use Armor All® Original Protectant to clean, protect and shine your vinyl top.

Do convertibles cost more to insure?

Auto insurance rates can vary greatly between vehicles. A basic rule of thumb, especially for collision and comprehensive coverage, the more your car is worth, the more it will cost to insure. So, to make a long story short, convertible cars cost more to buy and, therefore, convertibles can also cost more to insure.

How old is the convertible top on a Mustang?

Hard to believe that SN95 Mustangs are almost 20 years old, huh? Well, one look at that convertible top should convince you. Refresh and replace it with some of these 1994-1998 Mustang Convertible Top Parts from AmericanMuscle and keep your Pony looking its best. Enhance your style with these Mustang Antennas and Mustang Bras too.

What kind of transmission does a 1998 Ford Mustang have?

The Used 1998 Ford Mustang Convertible is offered in the following styles: 2dr Convertible, and GT 2dr Convertible. The Used 1998 Ford Mustang Convertible comes with rear wheel drive. Available transmissions include: 5-speed manual.

What’s the value of a 1998 Ford Mustang?

1998 Ford Mustang appraisal values can range from $497 – $1,943. Find out what your car is really worth in minutes. Great car…had mine for 6 years, bought it when it had a little over 100k needless to say i added another 150 k on it.