How much does Mercury joystick cost?

How much does Mercury joystick cost?

The system costs around $40,000 to install, but Mercury points out that as well as a new steering system, owners also gain an autopilot. The joystick also means owners will not need to install a bow thruster to help them manoeuvre the boat. The system is also ideal for anyone considering a repower.

Does Mercury joystick have autopilot?

“Boaters who use Mercury’s Joystick Piloting for Outboards enjoy more control of their boat, quieter operation, steering that is far more responsive than any other system on the market and an aesthetically pleasing design that has an integrated autopilot and autoheading for ease of boating.”

Can you install a joystick on a boat?

Most boats will not come pre-equipped with a joystick, but this doesn’t mean you cannot add one if you want one. Installation of joystick control is not recommended as a “do-it-yourself” task.

Can joystick be added to boat?

In addition to the traditional steering wheel and throttle control for your boat, you can also use a joystick to control and direct your boat.

What is JPO on a boat?

The JPO has been designed to lock the boat’s position using a GPS satellite antenna working with the engines and drives to maintain the position of the boat and heading regardless of wind or current.

What is Skyhook on a boat?

Mercury Skyhook digital anchor allows you to lock your boat’s position using a GPS satellite antenna. Then, working with your engines and drives, Skyhook maintains your position and heading regardless of wind or current.

How much does Skyhook cost?

The latest SkyHook enhancements for Mercury joystick-equipped vessels are available as downloads from Mercury’s GoFree store. They include Heading Adjust ($49.99), BowHook ($49.99) and DriftHook ($449; $499 for all three).

Is the yacht controller a joystick control system?

The Yacht Controller JCS joystick is all this: another essential aid for managing your boat, developed by Yacht Controller providing “innovative technology for the marine industry”.

Can a seastar 360 joystick be used on a boat?

“SeaStar Solutions® is at it again, creating a retrofitable Optimus 360 Joystick Control System that is compatible with twin, triple, and quad Yahama® EST controlled outboard engine configured boats. As well as twin and triple Suzuki® EST controlled outboard engine configured boats.”

How does the Optimus 360 joystick control system work?

Optimus 360 uses intelligent programming to minimize the amount of shifting required to complete a manoeuvre. With progressive throttling, the joystick becomes a natural extension of your hand. A light push on the joystick provides minimal thrust while more thrust can be applied by pushing harder on the joystick.

What kind of warranty do joystick control systems have?

Our joystick control systems come with a five-year warranty and are built to military specifications. They will never leave you stranded! Please note some of the reviews we have received from boating magazines and longtime customers. High speed transport ferry in Cape Town, South Africa, built by Stealth Yachts.