How old is Marty from Eon Kid?

How old is Marty from Eon Kid?

Appearance. Marty is a 11-year-old boy with short, brown hair.

When did EON kid come out?

April 6, 2006
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How many episodes of Eon Kid are there?

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Is Eon Kid A anime?

Eon Kid (Korean: 아이언 키드, romanized: Iron Kid) is the English title of the South Korean-Spanish CGI animated television series Iron Kid produced by Daewon C.I. and Design Storm in South Korea and BRB Internacional and Televisión Española in Spain.

Does Netflix have Eon kids?

The series was also streamed on Netflix in the United States and Canada. It is now streaming on Amazon Video in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom (where it is known as Iron Kid).

How many Iron Kid episodes are there?

Who is the main character in the Eon Kid?

Marty, is the main protagonist in the Eon Kid series. Being the current wielder of the legendary Iron Fist, he undergoes a long journey to eliminate the General, the main enemy of the Eon Family. Marty is a small, young kid with short, preppy brown hair. He wears yellow overalls with 2 long straps that extend over his shoulders.

Who are the legendary members of the Eon family?

The Eon family is the legendary family that defeated the General. Only Eon, Marty, and his father have been mentioned, but all members are great warriors and martial artists. The General’s forces wiped out the family through the years leaving Marty the sole blood heir to the family legacy.

Who is gaff in the Eon Kid series?

Gaff – An ancient robot who has served the Eon family for more than 130 years. He safeguarded the fist for one hundred years until its successor, Marty, was found. Somewhat a mentor to Marty, has watched over the Eon family for years and defended the family from the General’s forces as best he could.

Who is the general in the Eon series?

Only known as General, he is a powerful robot who ultimately became a tyrant and archenemy of Eon Family. He serves as the main antagonist of the series. The General bares similarity to a samurai, having plates on his solders and forming his skirt armor. long ponytail.