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How was Philip Lombard invited to the island?

How was Philip Lombard invited to the island?

‘Quite attractive – a bit schoolmistressy perhaps,’ Philip thinks to himself. Lombard’s work is a bit of a mystery to the readers, but we know that he was in the military. In fact, he is invited to Indian Island under the pretense of being hired by someone for a vague but dangerous sounding job.

Why was Philip Lombard invited to soldiers?

Lombard was hired by Mr. Isaac Morris to come to Soldier Island and watch out for any trouble. He is a very resourceful and creative man who used to be a soldier in Africa. While in Africa he left a group of natives to die in order to save his own life.

When asked why does Mr Lombard say that it is all right for him to have a gun?

In And Then There Were None, Captain Lombard says that he carries a gun because he has “been in some tight places.” This means that his lifestyle, both as an army officer and as a soldier of fortune in civilian life, has entailed frequent danger, and that he is always well prepared.

What does Emily Brent believe killed Mrs Rogers?

What is Emily Brent’s theory about Mrs. Rogers’s death? She claims that Mrs. Rogers died because she did murder her former employer and died from the fear that it would be discovered.

What does Rogers notice is missing from the dining room?

What discovery does Rogers make when he goes to clear the dinner dishes from the dining room? Rogers notices that one of the little Indian boy figures is missing. How did Arthur Richmond die? General MacArthur had sent him on a reconnaissance mission where Richmond was killed.

What does Lombard confess actually brought him to Indian Island?

What does Lombard confess actually brought him to Indian Island? A little Jewish boy payed him 100 guineas to keep his eyes open.

Who does Mr Lombard suspect?

Justice Wargrave

Who invited Philip Lombard?

He was described as a “tall man with a brown face, light eyes set rather close together and an arrogant, almost cruel mouth”. Lombard was invited to Soldier Island by a mysterious couple of hosts, by the name of Owens, with other nine guests. He was shot out of panic by Vera Claythorne.