How would you describe Emily in A Rose for Emily?

How would you describe Emily in A Rose for Emily?

A eccentric recluse, Emily is a mysterious figure who changes from a vibrant and hopeful young girl to a cloistered and secretive old woman. Devastated and alone after her father’s death, she is an object of pity for the townspeople.

What did Emily teach in A Rose for Emily?

After the disappearance of Homer Barron, perhaps in order to reestablish herself as a lady as well as to have a source of income, Emily teaches china painting. The illusion of the Old South has gone for good just as the china painting is ended.

How do we learn about Emily How do reports and rumors about her create the narrative of her life?

How do reports and rumors about her create the narrative of her life? We learn about Emily Through through the mysterious narrarator we learn that Emily Grierson, conveys the struggle that comes from trying to maintain tradition in the face of widespread, radical change.

What exactly is Miss Emily’s Rose How do you know?

The rose of the title then, may symbolize Emily’s stagnant dreams for a life with Homer. The rose is also symbolic of love and of her life. It was beautiful, soft, protected, with a few thorns. Her southern heritage enveloped her and protected her in the dullness of the rules that she followed almost without question.

What is the main idea of A Rose for Emily?

The Central Theme and Symbolism of William Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily. William Faulkner’s central theme in the story “A Rose For Emily” is to let go of the past. The main character in the story, Emily Grierson, has a tendency to cling to the past and has a reluctance to be independent.

Why doesn’t Emily pay her taxes in A Rose for Emily?

Emily won’t pay taxes after her father’s death because her father was promised he would never have to. The town felt protective towards its aristocrats, because these families represented to it their collective nostalgia for a lost way of life.

Why does Miss Emily want to buy poison?

Miss Emily purchases the arsenic to kill Homer Barron, a Yankee working man who has come to town to work on the paving of sidewalks in the town. He is not someone whom Miss Emily’s father would have approved of, finding such a person beneath her.

Why did Emily kill Baron?

Emily’s main reasons for killing him were because she was angry that he had turned her down, and that she knew that this was her last, best chance at matrimony. There were no other men in the town in whom she was interested (and vice versa), and no other prospects were likely.

Why do the townspeople think Miss Emily has gotten married?

When nothing changes, the townspeople believe that Emily will end up marrying Homer Barron. The attitude of the citizens regarding Emily’s relationship with Homer appears to change once again when they mention that they are glad that she is marrying Homer simply because they want Emily’s kin to leave town.

What happens to Emily after Homer Barron disappears?

Once Miss Emily dies, people enter her house. All we know for sure is that Homer Barron is dead and his body has been kept in an upstairs bedroom of Miss Emily’s house. His body, dressed in a nightshirt, has decomposed into the bed. Nearby is the clothing and toilet set Miss Emily bought for him.

What happens to Emily after Homer disappears?

Homer disappears after Miss Emily’s cousins move into the house, and everyone assumes that he has gone to prepare for Miss Emily’s joining him. Miss Emily refuses to pay her taxes; she will not even allow postal numbers to be put on her house, a symbolic gesture on her part to resist what the town sees as progress.

Why did Faulkner write A Rose for Emily?

Aside from the one obvious purpose–to entertain the reader–there exist many potential purposes, but, given the specific events in “A Rose for Emily,” we can assume that Faulkner was interested in exploring several aspects of the human condition, specifically, repression and what evils repression can lead to; …

What probably happened to Homer and why?

What probably happened to Homer? Why? Emily killed him because he wouldn’t marry her.

Who is Homer in A Rose for Emily?

IN this story, Homer Barron is the man that Emily Grierson was supposed to marry (or at least that is what she thought). Homer was a man who came from up North. He was in town as the boss of a gang of workers who were working on the roads. While in town, he started going out with Miss Emily.

How did Emily meet Homer?

Homer and Miss Emily meet when Homer comes to town to work on the sidewalks with the construction company. Although we are not privy to the exact moment the two meet, we know that “soon he knew everybody in town” and therefore is a friendly and personable man.

Why is Homer Barron considered an inappropriate companion for Miss Emily?

Homer Barron is considered an inappropriate companion for Miss Emily because he has said that “he like men…and that he was not a marrying man” (150). Also because Homer Barron is a Yankee laborer, while Miss Emily considers herself high class.

Why is Homer Barron in town?

Hover for more information. Homer Barron comes to town as the foreman of a construction company from the north which has been contracted to pave the town’s sidewalks. Homer is charming and has a tendency to be in the spotlight, and the town quickly takes to him and regards him fondly.