In what way is Mercutio a character foil to Romeo?

In what way is Mercutio a character foil to Romeo?

Mercutio, the witty skeptic, is a foil for Romeo, the young Petrarchan lover. Mercutio mocks Romeo’s vision of love and the poetic devices he uses to express his emotions: Romeo, Humors!

What role does Mercutio play in the story?

Mercutio, Romeo’s quick-tempered, witty friend, links the comic and violent action of the play. He is initially presented as a playful rogue who possesses both a brilliant comic capacity and an opportunistic, galvanized approach to love. Later, Mercutio’s death functions as a turning point for the action of the play.

How is Benvolio a foil character for Mercutio?

Benvolio is considered to be more of a dramatic foil to Mercutio. Benvolio is Mercutio’s dramatic foil because while Mercutio is extremely hotheaded, impetuous, and rash, Benvolio is one of the most calm, rational characters of the play; he is even one of the play’s peacekeepers.

Is Mercutio a Montague?

Mercutio is a fictional character who does not appear in the original version and Shakespeare adds him into the play. Mercutio is neither a Montague nor a Couplet. Because he is a friend of Romeo, he stands on Montague’s side.

What is the meaning of Mercutio?

Pronounced “mer-KYOO-shee-oh.” A Latin name meaning “mercury.” Famous real-life people named Mercutio Mercutio in song, story & screen. Mercutio is a character in Shakespheare’s Romeo and Juliet.

What does Benvolio’s name mean?

Etymology. The name Benvolio means “good-will” or “well-wisher” or “peacemaker” which is a role he fills, to some degree, as a peace-maker and Romeo’s friend.

What is Mercutio explanation for where dreams come from?

Romeo claims that dreams can be real or true because they reflect reality, while Mercutio argues that they lie. His speech goes on to claim that they reflect the individual’s desires and passions. For example, when Queen Mab visits lovers, they dream of love, lawyers dream of money, and courtiers dream of curtsies.

Why is Mercutio angry with Romeo?

Mercutio is angered by the insults and angered that Romeo isn’t willing to do anything about it. Mercutio eventually gets to the point where he can’t idly stand by and watch anymore. He feels compelled to jump into the fray and fight Tybalt. Unfortunately Mercutio’s actions get himself killed.

What does Mercutio accuse Benvolio of being?

Mercutio accuses Benvolio of being quick to pick a fight. When Tybalt and Mercutio first begin arguing, what does Benvolio try to get them to do? He tries to keep peace between them and keep them from fighting.