Is a counselor recommendation required for common app?

Is a counselor recommendation required for common app?

All colleges need things like official school forms. Many colleges will also ask for letters of recommendation. Counselors, teachers, and recommenders will submit these kinds of forms on your behalf. Here are the types of recommenders you can invite in the Common App.

How do you send transcripts through common app?

First, your student should notify their counselor that they have added schools. Second, if your student is at a school that uses Naviance, they will request them in Naviance. If they do not have Naviance (common app will tell you if the high school uses Naviance), then you will request the transcript in Common App.

Can filling out the Fafsa hurt you?

You never want to assume that you won’t qualify for aid, or that filling out a FAFSA won’t benefit you. Your income could be different, the school’s cost could be different, your student could transfer, and much more. Filling out the FAFSA never hurts, and it’s not a difficult process.