Is after school club hyphenated?

Is after school club hyphenated?

Is afterschool one word, two words, or hyphenated? A. The adjective is hyphenated—after-school, otherwise use two words.

What is another word for after school?

What is another word for after-school program?

after-school activity after-school club
homework club extracurricular activity

How do you start an after school club?

The eight basic steps to setting up an out of school club are:

  1. Establish the need.
  2. Decide on your business structure.
  3. Identify sources of funding.
  4. Find suitable premises.
  5. Apply for Ofsted registration.
  6. Plan your staffing requirements.
  7. Source your equipment.
  8. Get all your paperwork in place.

What after school activities are there in France?

After School Activities Paris

  • Centre Pompidou museum and art center has workshops on Wednesday and Saturdays for children between the ages of 4 and 12.
  • Ecole Koenig Music & Theatre school – friendly bilingual music and theatre school.
  • Stade de la Plaine – 13 rue du général Guillaumat, F-75015.

Do French schools have extracurricular activities?

Most schools are open 4 or 4.5 days a week in France, with no lessons on Wednesdays or Wednesday afternoons. Due to the shorter school week, the curriculum is more focused on academic subjects and less time is spent on subjects such as music, art, drama, sport etc.

What activities do French kids do?

Luckily, there are tons of fun French activities you can do with your child to help him or her learn and practice the language….French Vocabulary Activities

  • Puzzles.
  • Memory game.
  • Coloring books.
  • Read French books.
  • Hangman.

How do French kids make fun?

Here are some ways you can do that.

  1. Start with the alphabet and numbers.
  2. Introduce simple vocabulary and make it fun!
  3. Use music.
  4. Two words: MOVIE NIGHT!
  5. Comics are a good idea!
  6. Watch French cartoons.
  7. Try out some games from good online sites.
  8. Use different types of learning materials that the kids would enjoy.

How do you make french fun?


  1. 1 1.Listen to podcasts.
  2. 2 2 Listen to French radio.
  3. 3 3. Listen to French music.
  4. 4 4. Watch French TV.
  5. 5 5. Watch great French videos.
  6. 6 6. Read news in French.
  7. 7 7. Read a book in French.
  8. 8 8. Listen to a book.

How do you make French classes fun?

Board games Board games are one of my favorite activities for French class, because there are just days when students need to let it all soak in and I need to have a structured activity that allows them to practice while still having fun.

What are some French activities?

Hobbies – Les passe-temps

cooking la cuisine faire la cuisine
music la musique écouter la musique jouer de la musique
painting la peinture
reading la lecture faire de la lecture
sailing la voile faire de la voile

What games do the French play?

Traditional French Games: 5 Cool Ways to Play and Study Hard

  • Pétanque.
  • Escargot (Snail)
  • Jeu de la barbichette (Game of the Goatee)
  • Les loups-garous de Thiercelieux (Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow)
  • Bilboquet (Cup and Ball)

What do French do for fun?

After we made a good research we found out that French people love going shopping, eating in excellent restaurants, and also walking through cities. They also love spending their vacation on the beach or in the mountains.

What is the most popular game in France?


Which game is played in Paris?


Highest governing body Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal
First played Provence, France
Contact Non-contact
Team members Individual, doubles and triples

What is French game?

Boules, French Jeu De Boules, also called Pétanque, French ball game, similar to bowls and boccie.

How do you speak French game?

5 Mind-blowing Games for Teaching French Vocabulary

  1. Verbal Dominoes. This challenging game will force your students to explore their entire vocabulary repeatedly as they play.
  2. Le Pendu (Hangman) This is a classic game that may be played in pairs or as a whole class.
  3. La Bataille navale (Battleship)
  4. Jeopardy.
  5. Kim’s Game.

How can I learn French game?

Game-ify Your French: 6 Sweet Sites for Online French Games

  1. Digital Dialects.
  3. Hello World.
  4. Polly Lingual.
  5. Quia French.
  6. Massive Trivia Quiz.