Is Banana feminine or masculine in German?

Is Banana feminine or masculine in German?

The gender of Banane is feminine. E.g. die Banane.

Is Saft der die or das?

The declension of Saft as a table with all forms in singular (singular) and plural (plural) and in all four cases nominative (1st case), genitive (2nd case), dative (3rd case) and accusative (4th case)….DeclensionSaft.

Singular Plural
Dat. dem Saft(e) den Säften
Acc. den Saft die Säfte

What is a Mädchen?

↔ meisje. • Mädchen. → servantmaidattendantman-servanthandmaidhandmaidenmaid-servantservant-girl.

What is a Junge?

Junge Noun. Junge, das ~ (Jung) cub, the ~ Noun. ‐ the young of certain carnivorous mammals such as the bear or wolf or lion.

What does diminutive mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 grammar : a word, affix, or name usually indicating small size : a diminutive (see diminutive entry 2 sense 1) word, affix, or name. 2 : one that is notably small : a diminutive individual.

Is diminutive an insult?

What is a diminutive? A diminutive can express other qualities as well – like that something is familiar, sad, or disliked. Diminutives can show warmth or kindness for a thing or person. They can also be used to insult.

What is a diminutive example?

Diminutive means small. A diminutive person is short and small. A diminutive word is a “cute” version of a word or name: for example, “duckling” is a diminutive of “duck” and Billy is a diminutive form of the name William.

What is the definition of egregious?

1 : conspicuous especially : conspicuously bad : flagrant egregious errors egregious padding of the evidence — Christopher Hitchens.

How do you use the word egregious?

Egregious Sentence Examples

  1. Egregious errors were caused by the tablet’s failure to check spelling.
  2. It was the most egregious act the government has ever perpetrated.
  3. The egregious mistake these couples made was not spending enough time seriously planning for a lifetime together in marriage.

Is blatant a bad word?

Something done or said blatantly is bold and shameless. You might be doing something bad, but if you’re doing it blatantly you’re not worried about repercussions. In 1596, the poet Edmund Spenser invented the word blatant, using it to describe a slanderous beast.

What is blatant disrespect?

Filters. The definition of blatantly is something, especially something forbidden or disrespectful, done in a really obvious manner. When you are told not to get a cookie and you walk immediately up to the cookie jar and loudly take a cookie, this is an example of a time when you blatantly disobey. adverb.

What does accost mean?

transitive verb. : to approach and speak to (someone) in an often challenging or aggressive way He was accosted by a stranger on the street.