Is Gaston a real name?

Is Gaston a real name?

French: from the Old French oblique case of a Germanic personal name, originally probably a byname from gasti ‘stranger’, ‘guest’, ‘host’. Compare Guest. The surname is also found in England and Ireland, where it is probably a Huguenot importation.

What is a Gaston in French?

Gaston is of Germanic origin, and it is used mainly in the English, French, and German languages. It is from the element gast meaning ‘guest, stranger’. The name could also be derived from the French Gascon, which signifies someone from the region of Gascony, France.

Is Gaston a common name in France?

The name Gaston is a boy’s name of French origin meaning “the foreigner, the guest”. It went out of style in France mid-century, but now it’s having a revival, entering the Top 300 in 2017.

Is Rachelle a French name?

The name Rachelle is primarily a female name of French origin that means Ewe.

What does the name Rachelle mean in French?

French: metronymic from the female Biblical name Rachel, meaning ‘ewe’ in Hebrew. In the Bible (Genesis 28–35), Rachel is the wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin.

What country is the name Rachelle from?

Rachelle is a french name, meaning ‘Lamb’.

How do you spell Rachel in French?


  1. Raschell (English Caribbean)
  2. Raechel (English)
  3. Rachael (English)
  4. Rachela (Polish)
  5. Rachele (Italian)
  6. Rachelle (French)
  7. Racquel (English)
  8. Ráhel (Hungarian)

Is Rachel an old name?

Rachel Origin and Meaning The name Rachel is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “ewe”. Rachel was derived from the Hebrew word rāchēl, meaning “ewe.” In the Old Testament, Rachel was the favorite wife of Jacob, and mother of Joseph and Benjamin. International variations include the Spanish Raquel and Israeli Rahel.

Is Rachel an Irish name?

It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Rachel is “ewe, female sheep”.

How popular is the name Rachel 2020?


Rachel (feminine)
Year Rank Percent Used
2020 #227 0.073
2019 #191 0.085
2018 #197 0.084

Is Rachel or Rachael more common?

Rachael is the much, much less popular spelling of Rachel but it is in circulation among English-speaking countries.

How do you spell Rachel in Irish?

Rachel in Irish is Ráichéal.

What does Rachael mean in Irish?


What does name Rachael mean?

Rachael as a girl’s name is a variant of Rachel (Hebrew), and the meaning of Rachael is “ewe, female sheep”.