Is it el or la Internet?

Is it el or la Internet?

“La red” means “the net” and is used commonly. “El internet” is also an international term, used commonly.

What is another way to say el Internet in Spanish?

Translation of internet in Spanish

English Spanish
the internet el Internet
the Internet la red

How do you pronounce WTF?

WTF – what the f—.

  1. Pronounced: “double-yoo-tee-eff.”
  2. Example: The MacMillan Dictionary gets it right.

What is the currency of El Salvador?


What is the capital city of eSwatini?


Is Swaziland a poor or rich country?

Swaziland – Poverty and wealth Swaziland is a lower middle-income country, with a GDP per capita in 2000 of US$4,000 using the purchasing power parity conversion factor (which makes allowance for the low price of certain basic commodities in Swaziland).

Which is South Africa’s biggest city?


What is the language of Eswatini?


How do you say hello in Swati?

A collection of useful phrases in Swati, a Bantu language spoken in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and South Africa….Useful phrases in Swati (siSwati)

Phrase siSwati (Swati)
Hello (General greeting) Sawubona (sg – Do you see me?) Sanibonani (pl – Do you see me all?) Yebo (reply = yes)

What is Swaziland’s religion?

Religion. The majority of Swazis belong to Christian churches, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, whose missions were responsible before independence for much of the education and health services, particularly in the rural areas.

What is the main religion in eSwatini?


What is the main religion in Bermuda?

Religious Beliefs and Spirituality in Bermuda [pic1Majority of the population of Bermuda practices Christianity. The Anglican Church remains the strongest with 23% (in 1970 it was 45%), followed by the Roman Catholic Church at 15%, then African Methodist Episcopal at 11%, and Seventh Day Adventist at 7%.

What is Namibia’s religion?

Religion in Namibia is dominated by various branches of Christianity, with more than 90 percent of Namibian citizens identifying themselves as Christian. According to the United States DRL, in 2007 up to 75% were Protestant, including as much as 50% Lutheran.

Is Namibia rich or poor?

Overview. Namibia is a higher-middle-income country with an estimated annual GDP per capita of US$5,828 but has extreme inequalities in income distribution and standard of living. It leads the list of countries by income inequality with a Gini coefficient of 59.7 (CIA) and 74.3 (UN), respectively.

What religion is in Botswana?

Religion of Botswana. About one-half of the country’s population is Christian, predominantly independent Christian, with some Protestant. Some one-third adhere to traditional beliefs as their primary religious orientation.

What do you call a person from Uganda?

People from Uganda are called Ugandans.

Is the Lord’s Resistance Army still active?

The once-fearsome Lord’s Resistance Army has been reduced to a dwindling rump of fighters hiding out in jungle camps across vast swathes of territory in Central Africa. And UN peacekeepers in Congo have packed up and left the area where LRA groups operate, citing budget cuts and bigger threats.

Is Somalia still in civil war?

Kenyan troops were formally integrated into the multinational force in February 2012. The Federal Government of Somalia was established in August 2012, constituting the country’s first permanent central government since the start of the civil war….Somali Civil War.

Date 1991 (disputed) – present
Location Somalia