Is it white board or whiteboard?

Is it white board or whiteboard?

A whiteboard (also known by the terms marker board, dry-erase board, dry-wipe board, and pen-board) is a glossy, usually white surface for making nonpermanent markings (an evolved version of the blackboard).

What is another word for Saga?

Saga Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for saga?

epic chronicle
legend adventure
narrative romance
history story
roman-fleuve tale

Are saga in trouble?

Saga is facing very serious challenges. The Travel division has essentially been shut down until at least August, and perhaps longer. Management thinks it can weather this disruption if travel returns before the end of the year and demand recovers slowly after that.

Is saga going under?

Saga suspends cruises amid coronavirus warning Cruise operator Saga has suspended its sailings until 1 May following the spread of coronavirus. It comes after the government’s advice for over-70s and people with health problems to not go on cruises.

Why did Saga shares fall?

Falling revenues, widening costs, growing debt, and a series of strategic errors hit the Saga share price hard. From nearly a billion pounds in sales in 2015, Saga crumbled 17% to £797.3m in its last full-year results. Declining sales saw the group swing from a £193m profit in 2018 to an annual loss of £123.2m in 2019.

How old do you have to be for Saga?


What are 1000 Saga shares worth?

If you had bought £1,000 worth of Saga shares at the start of February 2020, those shares would have been worth £377.93 at the bottom of the March crash, and if you held on to them, then as of the last market close they’d be worth £646.13.

Can I buy Saga shares?

You can buy or sell Saga plc shares through a Stocks and Shares ISA, Lifetime ISA, SIPP or Fund and Share Account.

Are Saga shares a good investment?

Another concern is that Saga hasn’t been very profitable. In the three years before Covid-19, it generated returns on capital employed (a measure of profitability) of 7.2%, 6.8%, and -5.8%. These figures are poor. Top companies tend to generate ROCE of 20%+.

Can under 50s go on Saga Holidays?

Saga Holidays started way back in 1950 with a small hotel in Folkestone, Kent. Their holidays and cruises are for anyone aged over 50 (but you can take a travelling companion as long as they are over the age of 40).