Is Justin a French name?

Is Justin a French name?

French, English, Slovenian, etc.: from a medieval personal name, Latin Justinus, a derivative of Justus (see Just). This name was borne by various early saints, including a 3rd-century Parisian martyr and the first archbishop of Tarbes.

What does Justin mean in other languages?

Justin is used chiefly in the English and French languages, and it is derived from Latin origins. It is derived from the element ‘justus’ meaning just, righteous, fair. Specific foreign variants include the short form Just (French and German), and the diminutive forms Joost (Dutch) and Tutu (Spanish).

How do you say Justin in Italian?

Justin in Italian is Giustino.

What’s a nickname for Justin?

Bieba Baby

Can Justin be a girl name?

Justine as a girl’s name is of Latin origin meaning “fair or upright”. It is a feminine form of Justin.

What is the female version of Justin?

Justina and Justine are anglicised versions of the Latin name Iustina, feminine of Iustinus, a derivative of Iustus, meaning fair or just. For the masculine version of the name, see Justin (name).

How many girls are named Justin?

Justin is predominantly a boys name, with 0.48% of Justins being girls, and 99.52% being boys.

Where is the name Justin most popular?

Justin Popularity

  • 168US2020.
  • 432Nameberry2021.
  • 515England2018.
  • 156Netherlands2015.
  • 293Germany2016.

How popular is the name Justin in 2020?


Justin (masculine)
Year Rank Percent Used
2020 #168 0.124
2019 #155 0.132
2018 #141 0.144

Is Justin a rare name?

Though it has declined in popularity since 1999, Justin is by no means a name to be discounted.

Is Jason a boy’s name?

The name Jason is a typically masculine name that is believed to have Greek and Hebrew origins. Jason is a classic and traditional Greek name. In Greek, the name means “healer.” This is from the Greek word “iaomai” which means “to heal.” The origin of the name can also be traced to Greek mythology.

What does Jason mean in Spanish?

1. ( name) a. Jasón. My boyfriend’s name is Jason.

What does Jason mean in Irish?


Are Irish and Scots related?

This is because there is a shared root between the native languages of Ireland (Irish) and the Scottish Highlands (Scots Gaelic). Both are part of the Goidelic family of languages, which come from the Celts who settled in both Ireland and Scotland.