Is lawyer a noun or verb?

Is lawyer a noun or verb?

: a person whose profession is to handle lawsuits for people or to give advice about legal rights and duties. lawyer. noun.

Can lawyers be verbs?

(informal, intransitive) To practice law. (intransitive) To make legalistic arguments. (informal, transitive) To barrage (a person) with questions in order to get them to admit something.

Is law a noun or adjective?

law (noun) law–abiding (adjective) law court (noun)

Is law an adverb?

adjective, adverb, noun Obsolete.

What is the verb for legal?

legalise. To make legal or permit under law. Either by decriminalising something that has been illegal or by specifically permitting it.

What’s the difference between lawful and legal?

The terms lawful and legal differ in that the former contemplates the substance of law, whereas the latter alludes to the form of law. A lawful act is authorized, sanctioned, or not forbidden by law. A legal act is performed in accordance with the forms and usages of law, or in a technical manner.

Is lawful illegal?

The difference between Illegal and Lawful. When used as adjectives, illegal means contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law, whereas lawful means conforming to, or recognised by the laws of society. Illegal is also noun with the meaning: an illegal act or technique.

What is a lawful good?

Lawful good is the philosophy that goodness is best achieved through law and order. It is a philosophy of altruistic collectivism. This philosophy holds that people should behave altruistically and put the needs of the group ahead of individual desires.

Is the Joker chaotic evil?

1 Joker – Chaotic Evil The ability to kill without batting an eyelid, and for no good reason at all, is mostly associated with chaotic evil people. There was never a real motive behind the Joker’s crimes. He just enjoyed doing it so that he’d get to ‘play’ with Batman once more.

Can lawful good lie?

A Lawful character can still lie, if it serves a greater purpose (Good or Evil, perhaps) and might be excused as an omission or obfuscation of truth. Interesting, a Chaotic character might have a lesser tendency to lie under interrogation.

Is Batman lawful or chaotic?

Batman is definitely chaotic good. he’s a vigilante, he takes justice into his own hands and often takes it too far, using extreme tactics to get information from criminals such as- leaving them crippled, beaten to a pulp, in immense pain, with multiple cuts (batarangs), and oh so many broken bones.

Is Catwoman chaotic neutral?

Catwoman – True Neutral. “I’m adaptable.” Starts out as Chaotic Neutral, since she is putting herself before the concerns of others, but makes a change to Neutral when she returns to help Batman get away.

Is Bane a lawful evil?

2 Bane: Lawful/Chaotic Evil He did it in The Dark Knight Rises movie and the “City of Bane” storyline in the comics. As a leader, Bane relies on the work of his followers to destroy Batman and others who defy him.

What alignment is Thanos?

When looking at the MCU version of Thanos within the scope of RPG morality, many would assign the chaotic evil alignment to him, but actually, Thanos falls more accurately in the alignment of extreme Chaotic Good.

Is Captain Jack Sparrow chaotic neutral?

2 Jack Sparrow: Chaotic Neutral His character is always fun to watch and cannot be compared to anyone else in the franchise. Although he is a pirate, it would be wrong to place Jack in the evil alignment.

What is the most common alignment?

Chaotic Good

What is the most evil alignment?

Neutral evil

Can chaotic evil do good?

Given their love of chaos and disorder, Chaotic Evil characters do not respond well to authority. They will only go along with what someone else wants if they also stand to gain from it. Characters aligned with Chaotic Evil usually operate alone because they do not work well with others.

Can neutral evil do good?

A Neutral Good character will take the action that does the most Good in the world, whereas, a Neutral Evil character will do what is best for themselves without a second thought for anyone else, or take the action that will spread as much Evil in the world as they can if that’s what motivates them.

What alignment is Deadpool?

Chaotic Neutral

Is Spiderman chaotic good?

Spiderman – Chaotic Good – he’s a vigilante who runs from the police constantly.

What characters are chaotic neutral?

Chaotic Neutral character types include:

  • Most cases of Alcohol-Induced Idiocy (Chaotic Evil at its worst).
  • More sympathetic Ax Crazy characters, those who aren’t Chaotic Evil.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Those who aren’t Chaotic Good.
  • Most Byronic Heroes.
  • Crazy Survivalist.
  • Playful Hacker.
  • Rebellious Spirit.
  • The Trickster.

Why is chaotic neutral hated?

There is nothing for these two alignments to agree on! A Chaotic Neutral character dislikes laws, traditions and codes because they can be manipulated by those in power to restrict freedoms. A Lawful Evil character follows their code of laws and traditions above anything else, even if that means eliminating people.

Is Chaotic Neutral?

A chaotic neutral character is an individualist who follows their own heart and generally shirks rules and traditions. Although chaotic neutral characters promote the ideals of freedom, it is their own freedom that comes first; good and evil come second to their need to be free.

Is Nagito chaotic neutral?

He was a very entertaining Chaotic Neutral type: in Chapter 1 he was a mostly unhelpful jerk but not antagonistic; in Chapter 2 he was antagonistic but in a mostly harmless, humorous way and for understandable reasons; and in Chapter 3 he was a staunch ally.

Why is Nagito’s hair white?

Nagito has messy shoulder length white hair and light green eyes. His Hair color and his really pale skin are caused by his diseases. When he was a freshmen and entered the Hopes peak academy he still had a few brown hairs. Which leads to his original Hair color.

Why did Chiaki kill Komaeda?

In an attempt to stop a fire, Chiaki accidentally killed Nagito, due to his efforts to reveal the traitor. Chiaki told Hajime that she was the traitor and he was forced to prove this to everyone. Chiaki and Monomi were executed afterwards.

Is Nagito a psychopath?

1) Nagito is an evil psychopath. To be a psychopath by definition means you must be incapable of feeling remorse, empathy, or love.