Is Lego City Undercover like GTA?

Is Lego City Undercover like GTA?

Lego City Undercover is the Lego version of GTA, but with a cleaner storyline and gameplay that doesn’t always come back to crass dialogues or unnecessary violence. Instead of playing like a criminal, the player must don the role of an undercover cop.

What LEGO game is like GTA?

Lego City Undercover is very similar to Grand Theft Auto with its open world, vehicles and crime. But, instead of the gangsters you play the cop and gratuitous family-friendly humour replaces the violence. You can think of the game as GTA for kids.

Is there going to be a Lego City Undercover 2?

It is the sequel to the 2013 Wii U Game LEGO City Undercover, and is set one year after the events of the first game….

LEGO City Undercover 2
Genre(s) Platformer, Action-Adventure, Open-World
Series LEGO
Predecessor LEGO City Undercover (Wii U, 2013)
Release Date(s) November 19, 2016

How many hours is Lego City Undercover?

Lego City Undercover offers about 13 hours of story content and an absurd huge pile of extra stuff to go and do after that.

Can a 5 year old play GTA 5?

This game is fine for any mature 13 year old and up. You can rob stores and steal cars, but any mature teen will be able to recognize that it is just a video game and shouldn’t be carried over into real life.

How many missions are there in Lego City Undercover?

fifteen Chapters
All fifteen Chapters of the game have their own walkthrough page, each with the same headings, each made up of the same components. This page explains how the walkthrough pages are laid out, and what each component does. The Special Assignment Levels have their own walkthroughs, which are subpages of the Chapter pages.

Is LEGO City split screen?

That’s right – Lego City Undercover is getting co-op. Players will be able to tackle the game with a friend, via dynamic split-screen.

Who made LEGO City?

Josh Foote, 35, from New Jersey, United States, began his project back in 2015 and moved it from his bedroom to his new home with a basement as he continued to expand his Lego city.

Is Lego City Undercover fun?

LEGO City Undercover, however, is all-out fun. A spoof crime thriller of the most enjoyable variety, it brings hours of action interspersed with endless laughs.

When did Lego City Undercover first come out?

LEGO City Undercover was first released for the Nintendo Wii in 2013. This is the first LEGO game for the Xbox to have a setting based on an original LEGO theme. The structure is somewhat different than what you’d expect from a LEGO game, but the core gameplay is the same.

Where to find tokens in Lego City Undercover?

There are 305 character and 120 vehicle tokens to collect. Character tokens are found in Special Assignments, when completing challenges, building disguise booths and Super Builds, solving puzzles, locating Skullptures and Hidden Police Shields and by completing various other tasks throughout the city.

How many characters are there in Lego City Undercover?

For a 100% on each of the Special Assignments, refer to THIS VIDEO by packattack04082. There are 305 character and 120 vehicle tokens to collect.

How many gold bricks are in Lego City hero?

Each Special Assignment contains three gold bricks: completing the level (which you should have gotten in Story Mode), attaining ‘LEGO City Hero’ and collecting all four pieces of a police badge. In addition, there are two character and two vehicle tokens that count towards the 100%.